Better support of DLNA (to overcome Sonos index limitations)

I understand, and am disappointed by, the lack of Sonos index options due to hardware constraints inside the zones. In a DLNA server I can create whatever indices that I need to filter or sort my albums. I use MediaMonkey for this. Examples: * Ripped in the last 3 months * Ripped in the 6 months before that * Never played * Not played for the last year and a half * Played less than 3 times, and not for 6 months * and whatever other else I feel like The Sonos DTC will allow me to browse these DLNA indices. It will allow me to queue a track from there, and whole albums if I multi-select on all of its tracks. There are niggles and inconsistencies with the level of dlna support currently offered: * Album art is not displayed when browsing the index, and is not displayed in the queue or Now Playing screen when I queue from a DLNA index * The tracks are queued, and scrobbled to, using the albumartist tag, not the Artist tag as happens when using the Sonos-native indices * there is no power scroll facility, ie. type a character, and the index jumps to that point within the alphabet * The Genre sub-index goes Genre->Artist->Tracks ... but Genre->AlbumArtist->Albums->Tracks would be better, and more consistent with Sonos-native indices * There is no facility to queue a whole album, unless I multi-select all of its tracks .. this is especially time consuming when using the genre index as you have have to hover over each of the tracks to see where an album boundary lies.

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I forgot the most annoying niggle: If I queue an album's tracks from a DLNA index using the Album sub-index, the tracks are (usually) queued in track number sequence as desired. However if I queue from within the AlbumArtist, Genre, or Composer sub-indices the tracks are queued in alphabetic sequence.
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Hi Barry, thanks for sharing this idea, we have it marked as under consideration.
So, what is the status on this and the indexing (65k) limit? I can't see myself recommending Sonos to people with large number of songs anymore, since they too will run into this.
Please SONOS team :) make us a SONOS DNLA :):) I have SONOS product since 5 years and since 5 years I ask that you propose a solution .... On all NAS as SYNOLOGY for example we have Music DNLA server and other products like PLEX .... Please add the DNLA on your system.... just to be abble to see our music files on our NAS.... :)
Please add DLNA support. I have a lib of 100.000+ songs and want to play them as I please.
Please add DLNA support.
I use bubbleupnp until they fix it
Qnap user, please add dlna support on sonos Thanks,
Please add compatibility with Synology DNLA server....
I'll second that. Nowadays, the lack of uPnP/DLNA support is a big show-stopper.
I have a found an alternative way to proceed because SONOS do not take care of this point .... the solution I use now is : I have a NAS from SYNOLOGY and I use their soft AudioStation running on my NAS and DS AudioStation on my IPAD and I "play to SONOS device" from DS AudioStation.... Thank's to SYNOLOGY and NO Thank's to SONOS ...
I vote for this too please. I can "push" tracks to my new Play 5 using bubbleupnp on Android but it would be much easier to be able to browse, queue and control them from the native Sonos controller apps.
i have a large NAS, with many many cds from 10+ years of collecting that i cannot stream from spotify (due to just not being there) etc, and would love for my entire sonos ecosystem to be DNLA aware, its about time guys, cmon get a beta release out. thanks
DLNA support (specifically QNAP in my case) would be a huge benefit
I find it surprising that a music steaming system does not support DLNA. Currently using ReadyNAS.
BarryM wrote:

I forgot the most annoying niggle: If I queue an album's tracks from a DLNA index using the Album sub-index, the tracks are (usually) queued in track number sequence as desired. However if I queue from within the AlbumArtist, Genre, or Composer sub-indices the tracks are queued in alphabetic sequence.

The track sequence issue has now gone away for me. I don't know whether it was an update to Sonos, or an update to my UPnP Server (MediaMonkey). It could have been either, but I suspect that it was the UPnP server that was causing this part of the problem.
DLNA support would be so great and cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just adding my vote for DLNA support. Would really complete the package.
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Adding mine. DNLA Support would be great, and it doesn't seem that far... Thanx in advance
Hello Sonos-Team, I just bought the Sonos ZonePlayer 90 and I was surprised, that the ZonePlayer doesn't support DLNA server.... :-o So, should I return the sonos ZonePlayer and buy a used Logitech squeeze Box, which is also supported by the NAS, that I have? I will check this in the next days... Because I don't think, that Sonos will add this DLNA support, when the request is still older than one year, will you...????? Kind regards, Martin Schmidt.
If DLNA is essential to you, and returning the device is an option, you should do so. The request is a lot older than one year. The requests go back seven years now:
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Come on, please support this. I have a huge music collection and need a way to use SONOS with it...
Hi Charles, regarding the fact, that this request is about 7 years old - Barry told so - I returned the sonos and bought the Teufel Raumfeld connect, which is cheaper and supports the DLNA. I'm using thos teufel raumfeld connect for some days and it's working very well. The controller app of the the ipad will be finished within the next weeks, but also the smaller iphone app is very clever developed and can be used intuitively. Sorry Sonos... Kind regards, Martin.
Hi !

I am a new SONOS user since one day (Playbar+SUB-; 2 x Play:3, 1 x Bridge (first step)), and .. I am a Synology user since several years. Collecting over 120.000 songs ... And ...what can I say .. DNLA Support..DNLA Support .. DNLA Support... .DNLA Support...DNLA Support... DNLA Support... DNLA Support.... DNLA Support...
I will test the SONOS stuff anyway.... And I am still testing the Raumfeld solution.

And .. as Martin wrote .. Raumfeld is a good great.....
I will decide in 10 days, what I will buy (I have 14 day right to return)

Greetings from Berlin
+1 on DLNA support need. I don't have much of Sonos equipment (yet) so maybe I'll switch to Raumfeld if Sonos won't add DLNA support. 

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