Best Remote Control for Sonos, AppleTV and Vizio TV

  • 11 February 2019
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I need a remote that works with my Sonos (Beam & 2 Sonos 1)

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4 replies

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Hi mcdonald

I must assume that the Sonos One's are being used as surrounds and as such the volume (+/-) would be in conjunction with the Beam. If they are stand-a-lone your only choice is to use the Sonos app.

The remote for your Vizio TV if IR should work to control your TV volume (+/-) in conjunction with the Beam. If using HDMI_ARC with the Beam it sometimes can be trial an error as each manufacturer implements ARC (aka CEC) differently. If you need assistance implementing HDMI_ARC with the Beam there are plenty of helpful solutions in the forum depending on the model of your Vizio. *

You should connect your AppleTV to it's own HDMI port on your Vizio. You can go into settings on your AppleTV and program it's remote to work volume (+/-).

Sonos speakers other than the Playbase, Playbar, Beam and Sonos Amp use the Sonos app on your iOS or Android device for dedicated volume (+/-) control

There are any number of Universal remotes on the market that could meet your needs. I personally prefer Logitech. The caveat is that the Beam is IR as well. If you are trying to mix IR and RF frequencies there are remotes that can do both; but the programing is tricky and they are not bargain basement.

* Most cable box remotes work quite well with Sonos. I use me Google Fiber cable box remote to control my TV's all of which either use a Playbar or Beam. I use my AppleTV remote when I'm streaming a movie via AppleTV which also gives me access to Hulu, and CBS on demand. I don't use Netflix or any other video streaming service.

I hope this helps with your buying decision. Cheers!
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AjTrek1, thx so much for the quick and informative reply.

Love my Sonos system, but you need to keep all remotes nearby, particularly when TV commercial volume is unbearably high/loud.

Ironically, I now have Four (Yikes!) remotes for my new Sonos system on a Beam and two Sonos 1's
1. Vizio TV Remote
2. Apple TV Remote
3. Sonos APP on MacBook Pro
3. Sonos APP on iPhone 7+

and "None" of them can to all the features needed on the ATV and Vizio. Some can do some features and others can do other features, But "NONE" of them can do all the features needed, particularly the simple and much needed volume up and volume down.

I am going to call Sonos to try to help with this annoyance.

Thx again and keep the help and suggestions coming.


p.s. all this HDMI, ARC, IR talk might makes sense to Sonos, but should not be the worry of us dumb consumers :--)
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Hi mcdonald

IR = Infra Red Signal (sometimes referred to as line-of-sight meaning the signal transmitted by the remote has to be seen by the receptor on the TV
RF = Radio Frequency (The signal can be transmitted through a wall_not requiring a line-of-sight)
HDMI_ARC = ARC refers to Audio Return Channel that allows two devices similarly equipment to talk to each other. That is why the Sonos Beam with HDMI_ARC can command a TV with HDMI_ARC via Alexa Voice

I may have misled you a bit when I said I use my AppleTV remote. Actually I only use it because it's handy when I'm scrolling through different screens of the AppleTV; and also because I can use voice commands via Siri. Other than that I can use my Google Fiber remote to control volume and on/off.

Controlling Sonos components other than a Playbar, Playbase, Beam or Sonos Amp must be done via the Sonos app on your iOS or Android device as they have no receptor for a remote signal of any type (i.e. IR or RF).

At the end of the day the best you can hope for as far as controlling you AppleTV and Vizo is to acquire a Universal Remote or as I do using your TV or Cable remote as long as they are capable of learning the commands of other remotes. Most TV and cable box remotes work with Sonos. Hopefully, you followed the remote set-up in the Sonos app for the Beam.

Honesty, I doubt you'll get any additional help from Sonos Tech support...but then again...Never say never.

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I had heard that the Logitech Harmony system can control almost anything if you buy a top end system - IR and RF. I only have an IR Harmony though, so whilst it can control the TV, receiver, tivo box and blu-ray, it doesn't control Sonos. It might be worth doing some research into if it can be a solution though?