Bad Experience with Airplay

  • 10 May 2020
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I recently bought a One SL so that I could use Airplay to stream audio from any application on my iPhone and MacBook Pro through Sonos. I just want to say it’s an awful experience. First of all, grouping other speakers with the One SL makes everything run super slow and plays audio out of sync. Secondly, using Airplay on my laptop to stream via the One SL is terrible. Once I get it running, if I use a continuous stream of audio, it works ok (though it’s usually out of sync with video). However, if I’m using YouTube, for example, if I start a new video, or pause for more than a few seconds, it throws everything out of whack. I usually have to switch my laptop audio back to my internal speakers and then reset with Airplay. It’s a pain in the rear end if you want to switch from one video to another. I’ve also noticed my music randomly stops when playing through the One SL (whether I’m using Airplay or playing through the Sonos app). Most of the time now, I don’t even bother grouping with the One SL because it makes everything else operate so terribly. This is a major disappointment and I would strongly discourage anyone who is considering making a purchase from doing so. Whether it’s Sonos’ fault or Apple’s, using 1) Airplay with Sonos AND 2) One SL with Sonos seems to be a losing combination. Wait another year or two and hope someone decides to make things work.

1 reply

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Hello @Smooth_Chazz,

Welcome to the Sonos Community and thank you for reaching out  with your experience. 

I use Airplay in very much the same way without much issue except in one part of my house where I know that my network connection is “strained” 

If you submit a diagnostic report from your Sonos App, I’ll be happy to look it over to see if we can resolve this issue. Please include the confirmation number in your response so that we can look the data over for you.