audio format display when streaming music?

  • 9 January 2022
  • 2 replies

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New to Sonos. I have a pair of One SLs being delivered this week, an Arc on order and an S3 sub sitting here still in the box. I plan on using the SLs as a stereo pair in my office strictly for music.  When streaming high resolution music from the Sonos app via one of the music services, (Qobuz, Apple Music, etc.) does Sonos provide you with the audio format details such as the bit rate, sampling rate, etc. or does it simply just indicate HD or something along those lines?  Thank you. 

2 replies

My understanding is that the display ‘HD/UltraHD/Atmos’ that appears on the Sonos App ‘Now Playing’ screen is a fairly new thing and it currently works with Amazon Music Unlimited, but hopefully the same info/display may get implemented later for some of the other MSP’s a little further down the line.🤞

Deezer has for many years displayed the format on Sonos: FLAC (16/44) or MP3 (320k).