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  • 30 December 2017
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Im Sure this has already been discussed to death, but is there any way of adding a password or some way of locking out guests from messing with my sonos app??
many friends and family are already connected to my WiFi and have the sonos app on their devices and its driving me mad at dinner parties etc ive had to result to turning off my sonos and going back to a CD player many times.
Its almost enough to make me sell all my sonos equipment.

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3 replies

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Create a guest wifi for your.... guests. Most routers / wireless access points have the facility.

Change the password on your wifi.

THANKS just been poking through the router settings and cant find any mention of a guest wifi . im with talk talk by the way.
My next port of call talk talk help
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I think there is no guest network on TalkTalk routers (not in the firnware) but you could use another router?

On the TalkTalk forum... create seperate wifi networks for 2Ghz and 5 Ghz with seperate names. Unfortunately they share the same password. Name one Guest and the other something obscure. Hide the SSID for the obsure network so your guests cannot obviously see it.