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  • 20 July 2018
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Hi, after reconnecting my Play 5 to my new router, the app on my phone no longer works. So i uninstalled it, then reinstalled it from the Play Store. It loaded once, but was very glitchy. Now it wont load at all. Just get a black screen.

Best answer by Krilleum 21 July 2018, 01:00

After about 15 minutes, I tried it again, and everything suddenly began working. Seems all good now.
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6 replies

Try deleting the app from your phone, then rebooting the phone, and installing a fresh version. Just be sure to "connect to an existing system" when you start the new version. All of your data is stored on the speaker, so don't do a factory reset of the speaker.
After about 15 minutes, I tried it again, and everything suddenly began working. Seems all good now.
I dread every update anymore as something doesn't work like it used to or something else tragic. In my most recent update (v9.0.1, build 44255120), the Android app is now unresponsive and/or crashes frequently. I'm not updating anymore unless I friggin' HAVE to!
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Many of the update and can't find stuff issues seem to go away if you use your router's DHCP settings to assign static/reserved IP addresses to your Sonos gear. Goes pretty quick so I'd do it even if you aren't having issues now as a preventative.

On skipping updates, you can turn off the auto-check in the settings menu. It is important to make sure everyone and device with access to your system is not doing updates, once any one device has started the update process there is no going back. There is a lot of discussion here on freezing the system, look in the CR-100 topics for a start.
I don't know what a CR-100 is... I will try reserving the IPs in DHCP though. At this point, I'm willing to change religions if it'll fix my damn system.
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The CR-100 is the good, now discontinued and unsupported Sonos hardware controller compared the the still supported CR-200 that has print ants couldn't read and needed you to sharpen your fingers to points to use. :-)

Not sure which religion would help things so go with turning off the update checking and save updating for manual checks when you have time and Sonos isn't busy. Just don't skip it for many months at a time or you may have to call Sonos to get an update pushed to you.

CR-200 left and right is a CR-100