Annoying nag screens

  • 28 February 2021
  • 4 replies

Is it just me that wants to sit down and listen to music without all the annoying nag screens for S2 updates?  STOP IT






4 replies

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You're not alone..

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@User376552  @Keithmac 


Click on your profile and check (or uncheck) the contact options in red below. It will not stop all communication (as outlined below) but it will prevent the unwanted stuff.


Contact Options

Tell us how you'd like to get product information and announcements from Sonos.

We will continue to communicate with you regarding important information, such as changes to our terms and conditions, policy and software updates, beta updates (only if you’re a beta tester) and other routine customer care messages (e.g. delivery information) regardless of your settings.


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I have just turned those off, unfortunately Sonos will still push software updates through the app screen, they've already got that one covered!.



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So many threads asking the same thing - why won’t the S2 update notification go away?  “Solutions” provided by @Sonos accounts don’t work.