• 15 January 2022
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Hi there,It would be great if there was a way in the SONOS app (for iPhone) to output announcements via certain S2 speakers without changing the saved playlists. The speakers should then continue to play your program if possible or be off again without losing their playlist.That would be super practical, for example, to be able to call for breakfast, lunch, ... .

3 replies

It would be interesting, to be sure, as the only time your iPhone is actually inserted in to the music stream at all is when you’re using AirPlay 2 to a Sonos device.

In all other cases, your iPhone is ‘outside’ and acting merely as a remote control to the application that is running in the speakers, and is not inserted in the streaming process so it could interrupt. 

Yes, I’ve no chance to do it directly at e.g. Play:1 without grouping it. But it would be a nice feature and no big task for SONOS to integrate it in the SONOS App + Speakers. But SONOS didn’t integrate it in all these years. Therefore, I do not expect to receive such a feature from SONOS.

But it is not impossible. The AppleWatch App Lyd has an integrated good working flexible announcement feature for SONOS. But only for AppleWatch and not for iPhone :-(

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You can make announcements via Google Assistant.