Android App Intermittent Connection

I have four brand-new Sonos One SL speakers. Setup and use so far has been a frustrating experience.

I am trying to use the Sonos App from the Google Play store on a Pixel 4. Setting up each speaker took multiple attempts, with the app routinely losing, then regaining, its connection to the speaker. Eventually I was able to get all four set up. 

But the intermittent connection issue persists. Once music or radio is playing, if I attempt to change channels or services, or to fast-forward, I get a white pop-up message in the app stating “Unable to connect to Sonos product.” If I wait some (unknown) interval and try again, it succeeds. 

I have rebooted everything - all speakers, router, and the phone - but the issue persists. Open to any suggestion at this point.


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You shouldn’t be getting the Sonos app from the Google Play store, you should be downloading it from 

However, it seems like what you’re experiencing is either some sort of wifi interference, or possibly a duplicate IP address issue. Beyond the data in the linked FAQ, I’d recommend a refresh of your local network, by unplugging all Sonos devices from power, then rebooting your router. Once the router comes back up, plug back in your Sonos devices.

I’d also highly recommend that you delete that controller you downloaded from anywhere other than Sonos, and download a fresh one at

On some further experience, I suspect this has something to do with the Android app. I do not have the issue using the Sonos app for windows 10, and I do not have wireless issues on my phone/tablet - aside from with Sonos.


I will take a look at downloading the app directly from Sonos, but - really. The Play Store exists for a reason and I expect a typical user will look there first for the app. I did. If the best advice is to not use that app, Sonos should de-list it.