Amazon Echo - Lack of Regard for Sonos Customers

This is freaking ridiculous. I can use Amazon Echo to control everything in my house but Sonos, my "advanced" music service. I was planning on expanding my Sonos system, but not anymore. I am through with you people. Amazon has encouraged developers to integrate for almost 2 years, and what has Sonos done? Nothing. Total BS and lack of regard for loyal customers.

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Sonos has recently announced that Voice Control will be their highest priority in the coming months. Unless you are foolish enough to believe they can fabricate a voice control interface in a mere few weeks, I suggest you have a little patience. Either that, or you can go over to all the other multi-room, high quality, perfectly synching audio systems that do interface with Echo.
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You must have completely missed all of the threads and the Sonos CEO specifically talking about Amazon Echo and the direction they are going.

I have an echo and I don't see all of these 2 years of developer integration - it is still in its infancy.

I have echo Sonos integration with Echo Dot hooked to my Play:5 ... until Sonos full integration with voice comes down the pike.

Very undeserving criticism of Sonos in that they have specifically said they are embrassing this (which is actually unusual for Sonos to say).
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Another voice control option is Yonomi. Neither are as good as a more mature integration will be.

With Echo, having to use line-in is awkward (source switching and bandwidth issues), and we don't have control over most of the music services Sonos offers access to (e.g., Google Play, Deezer). Yonomi isn't as smooth and, in my experience, isn't quite as reliable, even if it is more robust.

Anyway, I'm glad I found Yonomi. We've now got two "okay" options until a better Sonos solution comes along.


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