Amazon echo integration

  • 21 March 2016
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Some people have alluded to a new Sonos API and that is why Amazon has no integration with sons. Similar complaints arise on the SmartThings forum were people are finding the smartThings hub is erratic with sonos.

What is the status of the 'new' API? Does anyone have a solution to integration with IFTTT?

2 replies

What 'new' API? The only publicly supported API is the one for music partners (e.g. online streaming services).

Although self-documenting, the UPnP control interface to the Sonos system is not officially supported for third party use.
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I know you have been here a long time and I am new. I do not want to start another discussion like this one:

I know that sonos has an API for streaming services

And I know people have developed code that runs on a raspberry pi to control the sonos

And others have even gotten the amazon echo to talk to this code

So to integrate IFTTT I would have to build a pi that would respond to IFTTT. What is it about a simple Belkin wemo switch that can be controlled from IFTTT that sonos cannot emulate?