Albums not appearing under correct Letter Character Heading

  • 22 September 2016
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I'm not sure when this started happening but today when I was adding a bunch of new albums, I noticed something strange in a few of my Artists. Check the attached screenshots.

I prefix all my album titles with the year so they appear in chronological order
[2000] AlbumName
[2004] TheirSecondAlbum

I love this and dont plan on changing it. BUT today when I looked at a few artists, some albums appear under other L headings (eg "A" or "B" etc)

Why for example in my DJ Krush list is "[2005] Butterfly Effect" under "M" ?
Why is the new Nick Cave album "[2016] Skeleton Tree" under "L"?

If it makes a difference, I am using a mac laptop.

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5 replies

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Presumably it has to do with one of the tags you have. I'd explore the tags on those albums
What are you using for tagging? MP3Tag should highlight the cause. Bear in mind that you don't need to do all of the albums individually... right click a parent folder and choose MP3Tag and it will load all the subfolders into the window. Then select all and on the left make your adjustments and click save.
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Yes, I use MP3Tag. I'll check out the tags and see what I can find. I am pretty regimented with my tagging though so I'd be surprised if its something in there. I hope it is though as it will be an easy fix.
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So in case anyone else reads this.. . the problem is with the Mac version of the controller software (nothing to do with the tags themselves).

Hopefully the bug gets fixed sooner than later.
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This has now been fixed with the latest software update (thanks!)