Album Artwork far too small - What are people doing to get around this?

  • 22 January 2019
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I'm a Sonos fan & have been for years,

My problems is that I can't enjoy the album artwork properly, or even comfortably navigate through music to select what to play, I can't be alone in this being a big problem? For my sins I've just joined apple music to see how I get along, I've tried Spotify, so to address the balance I though why not give Apple Music a try.

But my experience so far, is having to use iTunes to find the music then switch to the Sonos Player on my Mac & then peer at the miniscule icons to find the album or track I want. See Pic attached

This has been what I've been doing for an age to be fair it's not specific to me using the streaming service.

Am I alone in this?
What are other people doing?
Am I missing a simple setting to rectify this?
Let me know & Sonos know too..

Thanks for reading,


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2 replies

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Well on a "list" view (which I find makes sense most of the time) then the artwork is going to be tiny. On the "tiled" view (mobile app screens) then the artwork is larger and more visible. Given that you can't rely on artwork to provide a legible (or any) artist / album name, you always need the text.

Consider the use case. When you're browsing through a stack of artists, or the tracklisting of an album / playlist, then a list view makes most sense. When you're browsing an artist's collection, seeing a tiled view of the artwork is probably helpful (up to a point, if the artist has say 30 or more releases then scrolling through screens full of tiles is a pain).

Sonos haven't always got the default list / tile view correct (especially with the phone and tablet apps not always taking account of available screen size), but there might be good reasons why all you get is a list with tiny artwork thumbnails.
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Sonos don't care much about the desktop controllers these days. Check out the iPad version of the Sonos app, or better yet, the app SonoPad for another option.