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  • 10 March 2016
  • 7 replies

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I've read the hundreds of posts about this topic trying to find a permanent solution to cover art not displaying for my music library. My question is not for a solution but just to confirm that the behavior I'm seeing is typical. For me, I've followed all the Sonos guidelines for cover art and sometimes it displays and sometimes it doesn't. Is this behavior normal? Obviously the cover art meets the Sonos specs because sometimes it works. It really is a frustrating UX. Thats for the help

7 replies

I've been using Sonos since shortly after it 1st launched because I worked for a dealer and I've had the same issue on and off since the very beginning. Yes, this is typical. One workaround I've found is downloading the cover art from google, and saving it in the album folder with the title: FOLDER.JPEG (or whatever file format the pic is). It's a couple of extra steps, but as long as the size meets Sonos specs, it works without fail, everytime, even w/my 1st gen Sonos controller.
I can only speak for myself, and I have only very very occasional problems of cover art not loading. A few tips:
1. I find it best to embed the cover art in each music file, which I do using the ID tag facility that I get by using DBPoweramp. I'm sure there are free alternatives.
2. Make sure the jpg file is relatively small - this is not totally a matter of pixels, although that's obviously highly relevant. Most of my cover art is
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thanks for the response as i just don't want to waste my time trying to fix something that can't be fixed. i've actually followed both of your advice... i've got the art embedded in the file and i also have a small "folder.jpg" file (usually less than 150kb) in each folder. i still get spotty performance. oh well.
Embedded art can be slightly more problematic, particularly with certain music file formats. IMO folder.* is the preferred method.

However if you already have embedded art Sonos will try to retrieve that and will ignore the folder.*.
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I thought having both would be better but it sounds like you think just having the folder art and removing the embedded art would work better. Is that right? On another front, in my continued fiddling around to address this issue, I deleted and readied my music folder and the art is working better - not perfect but much better.
The best software for tagging MP3 and AAC files etc. that I have encountered thus far, is Mp3tag, which can be linked to a large number of online xml services around the world and can auto-tag your albums and tracks and include the album art. You can even set the size of the album art to display - I tend to go for 600 x 600 pixels, which seems to work for a majority of applications including the Sonos software.

You can also export the album art out to the usual 'folder.jpg' or other file-type and all these things, (tagging/art etc.), can be automated through various scripts to do many of the tasks. It literally can become a case where you can point the software at a folder or set of folders and in a couple of clicks everything is correctly tagged to your requirements.

It's a steep learning curve to begin with, particularly around the scripting side, but there are many shared scripts than can get any new user off to a good start.

It's freeware, mainly for Windows PC, but it can also run on a Mac OS and I tend to send the developer a payment, via PayPal, every now and again as a thank-you as he has clearly put a lot of time and effort into the finished product.

Here is a link to the developers website in case you wish to look into this suggestion further:

By the way I have no connection to this software, other than being a user of it for the past 4 years or so. I hope others here may find the software useful.

MP3Tag album-art display in the Sonos Controller software on an iPad - this is just to show that Album Art set at 600 x 600 seems to work okay at that setting, as per my post above.


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