Alarm remote shut off

  • 22 April 2019
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I use every morning m/f the alarm clock feature with my Sonos system, which works pretty well. However every time I leave home for a few days for my business trips I ALWAYS forget to shut it off so that it won’t play around the house while I’m not there.
Sonos team should add a feature to allow, perhaps through logging in into the account, to shut off the alarm even if you are not logged in on the same WiFi network of the Sonos system, so now I could shut it off even while I am away from home!:S

3 replies

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Why don’t you set the alarm duration to automatically cutoff after time you leave for work.
Its already set that way. It might sound weird but I wish I could control that feature from remote in case I forget to switch it off

Hi, I landed here this morning exactly for the same reason. My neighbour will hate me, too: Today I am out over the weekend and I forgot to switch the alarm Off. THIS IS A MUST in today’s time of IoT. Even if due to security measures you need to do a two-steps verification. Sonos products are so much differenciated to be the top leading reference in the market, that they simply cannot miss such a Feature.   Minimum requirement would be a on/off and additionally nice to have a volume control…. Hope to see this in the soon future!!! Thanks.