Advice for Upgrading Sonos Network from Two Bridge Extenders (we live in 3 floor townhome) to use one Sonos Boost

  • 30 March 2018
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Hi - I'm in process of adding a surround sound home theater to our tv room with a playbar and two Play 1's for rear channels. Our home media installer recommended replacing the bridges we have throughout the house with a sonos boost since the bridges were discounted. Is the additional cost $100 + hours figuring out setting up network worth it? We also recently installed an Orbi mesh wifi router system with two satellites which has improved our Wifi connectivity significantly. Any advice or thoughts are much appreciated! 🙂

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1 reply

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Can you wire any of your Sonos devices aside from the Bridges or the new Boost? That would be almost as good.

If you can't wire any of your gear would you like to have a Play 1 sitting somewhere it could be wired? Play 1s are about as cheap as a Boost and do almost as well for WiFi.

The Bridges will likely continue to work and do a decent job. If they act up it is often the power supply that is bad and it is cheap to replace. Why not keep them for now and see if you need the Boost?

Skip the figuring out the new network bit in any case, no need to do that as long as you don't make a mess for yourself. Power up your existing Sonos gear, add the Boost to it and you are done. Trying to add your gear to the new Boost is not the way to go.

I added a Boost to my setup and while I'm happy with it I really didn't need it for my setup and I'd sure rather have had another Play 1 for an extra $50.