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  • 8 January 2020
  • 2 replies

I cannnot add a new device (connect amp) to my existing system because this function is not available.

I get info that operating system on my mobile device is no longer supported. Why?

Sonos aplication works properly on this device. 

2 replies

You may want to refer to the supported OS FAQ.

Some functions would remain accessible on older devices, but not all. I’d recommend finding a friend with a newer device that is willing to allow you use, and buying them dinner, much cheaper than purchasing a new mobile device…..well, depending on where the dinner is. 

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Your device manufacturer stopped supporting the OS on it leaving Sonos stuck too. Without support of the OS manufacturer trying to keep a controller working is much more difficult.

Sonos is still supporting hardware that is 13 plus years old unlike many phone and tablet makers that quit after a couple years.