Absolutely Livid with the latest updates

  • 17 October 2018
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I've been using the product for over a year, and have been by and large happy.

However, when I got back from vacation yesterday, really needing to soak up music, I have instead been soaking up the pain of a mandated update (mac and android both). Once the apps updated, they have been buggy, my entire "My Sonos" on the android was filled with every album in my Amazon collection and I can no longer listen to radio. I'm super angry that I'm not allowed to decide when I update the software; I prefer to let such things 'mature' a bit before updating, as there are inevitably bugs.

I'm also super angry that I'm sitting here typing complaints on the internet instead of enjoying music. I swear computers are making the world worse in as many ways as they improve.

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2 replies

I didn't see any specific questions in your post, just a bunch of frustration. But perhaps the "radio" aspect I can address, although without any specificity, it's a crap shoot. Try rebooting your router, and see if that makes a change. There was nothing in that update that should affect the ability to play radio stations through TuneIn, iHeart radio, radio.com (and any others that I'm not aware of).

Additionally, to my knowledge, there was no change in the way that Sonos handles the connection to Amazon music, although I haven't really poked in to that on my system, as I tend to be NAS centric for most of what I listen to.

If you have a specific question, please post it, and the community will attempt to help you.
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You got a forced update? All I ever get is nagged to do an update and even that can be turned off.

Something that has made updates less painful for a lot of folks is assigning static/reserved IP addresses for your Sonos devices in your router's DHCP settings. Do that reboot the router then your Sonos gear and the next update may hurt less.

If your controller version isn't showing 17 Oct and version 9.2.1 you might want to do the IP trick and then grab it as it is a bug-fix release to 9.2.