5 G2 missing in Windows controller

  • 25 November 2021
  • 1 reply

Just got my new Play 5 G2. Successfully added it via my android phone S2 app. However, when I installed the new S2 on my windows desktop, the 5 isn’t present. Have tried reinstalling the desktop app but that didn’t help. Any idea on what to do next?

1 reply

Hi.  Is the speaker actually a Sonos Five?  If it is new then I think it must be.  The Play:5 gen 2 was discontinued some time back.  It probably doesn’t make a difference though.

So you had an existing system and you added the Five to that system as a new room?  It shows up as a separate room along with the existing rooms in the phone app?

You  just have an S2 system, not an S!?