3rd Party Remote Controls

  • 27 November 2018
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With the latest sonos app causing the ability to control my sonos speakers from the lock screen now unreliable and missing, I'm searching for alternative ways to easily adjust the volume or pause/stop the sonos with a third party remote control.....either hand held or wall mounted. It is quite annoying to have to unlock my phone, open the app all just to adjust the volume or pause music.

Who has used 3rd party remotes with success.....which ones did you use?

FWIW, I am wanting this to control the older Sonos Play:1 speakers. I have 3 of them......all mounted high and out of reach.

Best answer by Stanley_4 27 November 2018, 04:19

Sonos sells this:
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4 replies

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Sonos sells this:
How the heck did I miss that. Thanks Stanley! I assume this works with the older Play:1 speakers?

Anyone here have one that can give it a thumbs up or down?

I connected my Alexa echo dot ($30), which took a little finessing but I worked it out. All I have to is say Alexa next song. Or to start playing I say “Alexa play Rocky Mountain high by John denver in bedroom”. I say “in bedroom” because that’s what I named my play:1 in the Alexa app. If you don’t say that it will play on the Alexa itself. This is also nice so if you’re blasting music and you get a notification on the Alexa (doorbell, call, whatever) it will quiet the music so you don’t miss it).

Way cheaper than the $100 Sonos remote and you get the cool features of the dot.
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Hi bailey, thanks for sharing. If you go into the Alexa app, you can make a Smart Home group with your Dot as the Alexa device and set your Play:1 as the preferred speaker. Then you won't even need to say "in the bedroom". See here for more details.