YT music through Sonos only shows liked songs when in library

  • 9 October 2020
  • 5 replies

YT music on app on my phone and computer pull up the whole library. But in the sonos S2 app version 12.1 will only diplay my liked songs under Youtube Music>Library>Songs>Songs. Tested that it is my liked songs by removing a few and adding different ones a couple of times and it is updating the library accordingly to that. YT music works correctly on my phone and computer through the YT music app but not in the S2 app. I would just cast from the YT app directly but that is not supported as it was in the google music app.

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5 replies

It is also really nice knowing that I spend thousands of dollars to get into an ecosystem such as sonos. Just to not have real solutions to my problem. I had spent about an hour troubleshooting with a support member, shortly after creating this thread. But to no success. I received a case number but never heard anything back. I think my next system I will heavily consider switching to another system such as Bose.

Ended up swapping to spotify. Used some software to bring the library over. Which is as a playlist but it's better than not having anything.

Taken the advice to use iBroadcast.  Seems the way to go:grinning:

I'm having the same issue. I've tried removing and adding the account back and reinstalling the Sonos app with no luck. I'm assuming it's an issue with YT music at this point.

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Give up with YTM, it is embarrassingly bad as ad companies clearly can’t write SMAPI servers that work well with Sonos. Try iBroadcast.