Will "Now Scrobbling" ever be added to the service?

  • 3 November 2023
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I’ve been using the service on the Sonos app to scrobble songs played through my speakers, it’s obviously very useful and it works well, but it never submits the “Now Playing” notification on my profile; it only displays the scrobble after the song has ended.

I would say this problem is very miniscule and not a real “problem,” but every other scrobbler has the capability to send “Now Playing” notifications to and they have a guide on how to add it on their API docs.

I was wondering if this is ever a planned addition. It’d be really nice to have my friends be able to see what I’m listening to at the moment and not after the song is finished. Thank you!


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Hello @aoskis, welcome to Sonos Community!

I had a look on our following Support Article Last.FM scrobbling on Sonos which shows some restrictions.

When does Sonos Scrobble?
In order to be scrobbled, a track must play for 240 seconds or halfway through, whichever comes first. It must also have a track length of 30 seconds or more. Once these conditions have been met, the track is scrobbled when playback completes or the track is changed by the user.

What I’ve done for you is, I marked this thread as a feature request and forwarded it to the appropriate teams. I would also suggest to reach out to as they are in control of what features are available through Sonos.

I hope this helps.

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I finally found out what that means!

What is Scrobbling?
Scrobbling is a system that tracks your listening habits and uploads them to your account. Every time you play a track it is added, or scrobbled, to your account. This allows users to share their musical tastes, make and receive recommendations from other users, and create custom radio stations.