Why does Spotify not see all speakers?

  • 28 January 2021
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In our flat I’ve got two wirless access points connected together by RJ45 gigabit ethernet.

Both APs expose the same wifi network (same SSID and passowrd) for mobile devices to switch seamlessly between both.

Some Sonos speakers connect to one AP, some to the other. 

As you can see in the below printscreen, The Sonos app discovers all my speakers, but not spotify. The same happens if I use the spootify android app.


How can I get all speakers in the spotify app?


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10 replies

You are correct that SonosNet is being triggered.  SonosNet is the way Sonos was designed to be used, and allowing purely WiFi setups came many years after.   But it isn’t a good idea to have a wired device that comes and goes.  The first thing I would try would be to just remove the cable and let the Connect join over WiFi.  If everything works (and it certainly should not affect the other speakers), then fine.

If there is a problem we can think again, but the next option would probably be to leave the Connect (but not the HiFi) powered on and cabled to network, remove WiFi credentials from Sonos, and run your system using SonosNet.  But I wouldn’t go there yet


Well, this seems to have done the trick, all speakers are available again and when looking at the connected wireless devices they seem to have connected to the clostest AP with the strongest signal. I thought having done the same before; not sure if I just got lucky this time. Thanks!

I didn’t dare testing the last component yet, maybe you have some advice for me:

I’ve got a connect attached to the hifi system which is connected by cable (RJ45) to my network. The entire hifi system (along with the connect) is powered off completely by a power switch when it’s not being used. Usually (always?), when I power the hifi on, the playback stops on the other SONOS speakers. My guess is that the connect sets up SONOS net and the other speakers have to connect to it before they can resume playback.

Is this a supported setup?

i would power everything off first, then power back on the router, then AP1, then AP2, then the Sonos speakers.  Let the router and APs come up fully before you move onto the next element.


@John B 

> Sorry to suggest this… but have you tried a power cycle of everything - router, APs, Sonos?

I did :) But was wondering if the sequence mattered, figured out it would, but couldn’t figure what the ‘best’ sequence would be.

>Could you temporarily move the bedroom speakers so that they connect to AP1?  Just to narrow down the issue.

I’ll try at when I got some time


Some additions that might help figure out what’s going on:

  • The system was working fine for month. I haven’t changed any network settings since then.
  • Spotify consistently only shows two speakers from 1) the rich client installed on a PC 2) A mobile phone running the Android Spotify app; independantly of which AP it is connected to
  • Only one speaker is connected to AP 1 (probably Cusinie as it is physically close to the AP:
    The others are connected to AP 2:

    → It doesn’t seem to matter to which AP a speaker is connected as a get two speakers in SONOS

  • The 5GHz network is disabled on AP 2 (as I had issues with SONOS when it was enabled); I’ve just disabled it as well on AP 1 to test

Sorry, should have read more carefully.  I don’t think it is inevitable that the same discovery method is used.  When using the Spotify app you are barely using the Sonos system at all, but a bunch of Spotify Connect enabled speakers that happen to be made by Sonos.

Sorry to suggest this… but have you tried a power cycle of everything - router, APs, Sonos?

Could you temporarily move the bedroom speakers so that they connect to AP1?  Just to narrow down the issue.


@John B You can see the speakers in the SONOS and Spotify apps in my initial post; only ‘Bureau and ‘Masha & Philippe’ show up in Spotify, whereas all 5 show in the Spotify app.

As for my network:

  • I’ve got two wirelss APs on the same subnet 192.168.1.x with subnet mask
  • AP 1, which is the main and connects to the internet has address and also works as DHCP server
  • AP 2 is used to bring wifi to all bedrooms, it has the IPv4
  • As mentioned before both APs expose the ‘same’ wifi with same SSID and password

As SONOS discovers all speakers I was expecting that Spotify uses the same discovery mechanism and thus should discover the same speakers. Am I wrong?

Which speakers are visible in the Sonos app?

For Sonos to work, all components and controllers have to be on the same subnet, and i don’t think that is guaranteed by same SSID and password.  What is the situation on your network?  (Not quite sure how that pans out when using the Spotify app, but I think worth checking.)


Hi @Simon B,

I’ve submitted the diagnostic and got the confirmation number 1350657823.

Thanks in advance to help understanding and fixing my issue.

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Hi there @taconaut, thanks for reaching out. About your question on why not all your speakers are not showing up on your Spotify App. what specific speakers are not showing up on the Spotify App? It would be great if you can please submit a diagnostic and respond with the confirmation number. This way we can identify the cause of this issue. 

Let me know your thoughts on the advice above. We're here to answer any further questions you have.