Unable to add Spotify account to Sonos S1

  • 26 June 2020
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I have a premium account with Spotify and use an iphone (ios v 13.5.1) to control my ZP90 and Connect:AMP. When I attempt to add Spotify to my Sonos services, Sonos connects with Spotify and is successfully authorised however when Sonos then attempts to add the Spotify account it receives an error.  All was working fine up until about two weeks ago.  I have tried all the suggested solutions of rebooting routers, deleting and reloading Sonos and Spotify etc all to no avail.


Streaming Spotify through my Airport Express and using the Sonos Line In facility works okay.


Can anyone throw some light on how to fix my problem?  I assume I should still be able to add a premium  Spotify account to my Sonos S1 services.  I can certainly add other services to Sonos S1.

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2 replies

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Can you be more specific about “receives an error”?

These are the steps I take on my iphone and the results:

Sonos S1 / Settings / Services & Voice / Add a Service / Spotify / Add to Sonos / Connect to Spotify

The process then brings up Spotify screen where it states that it is Authoring (with three pulsing dots).  After a second or two a tick is displayed in the centre of the screen before the screen changes to a more or less blank screen  which is headed “ADD Spotify account” and says “Adding ...”.  After about 10 - 15 seconds the screen changes and simply says “Error” followed underneath by “Unable to add Spotify account” .  You have the option of clicking on “← Back” or “Done”.  “← Back” enables you to retry “Connect to Spotify” whereas “Done” returns you to adding Spotify as a Service.