Tune-In blocking foreign radio stations in the UK Master thread

  • 13 September 2020
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101 replies

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Came on here as noticed bulk of stations gone. Not so good!


Anyway, does anyone know if using a VPN changes things? I am assuming would need to be some sort of hardware VPN?

Fir some stations, I believe so. But not all. 

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And, for anyone missing Big FM Sunset Lounge

Works fine manually adding. So far!


@controlav Please could you tag this thread with Sonos Radio as well as the other 3 you already have.

Had a long chat with Sonos support today…

I suggest all users do the same as per the last screenshot you’ll hopefully be notified when it’s resolved.  I’ve only included the screenshots from towards the end of the chat and basically once it was admitted there was an issue and being worked on.  I have saved the transcript however...



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Interesting to note that according to the above post, Sonos “is well aware of this issue and trying to fix”, yet the Status of services is showing all services, INCLUDING TUNE-IN as “Operational” with not even a Partial Outage noted.


Interesting to note that according to the above post, Sonos “is well aware of this issue and trying to fix”, yet the Status of services is showing all services, INCLUDING TUNE-IN as “Operational” with not even a Partial Outage noted.

Yes, I wouldn’t hold your breath...


Regarding VPN - you can set up a Raspberry pi to act as both a gateway pointing at a VPN, and as a wi-fi hotspot provided it is itself on a wired network connection.  Connect the Sonos to the wifi network created by the Pi, and you should appear to be outside the UK.  Downside is that, well, you are then outside the UK and a lot of UK streams are geo-blocked - including most of the 320k BBC streams, and switching VPN locations takes a bit of fiddling.  There’s a couple of articles on line that explain how to do this, so let me know if you’re interested and I’ll dig out the links.

On organising My Stations, the best I’ve been able to come up with is (a) rename each station in My Stations with a number (so all my UK stations are renamed something like 01 - BBC Radio 3, the French ones are 02 - FIP and so on) so at least I have some control over where they are in the list, and (b) add dummy streams using the add streams function so I can then use the rename function to create headers (something like 02 ******FRANCE****** ) which makes it easier to see where the groups change in the list.  It works, but it shouldn’t be this hard!


Off topic:  I wonder why the UK arms of these two companies decided to sue in the UK rather than in the US (their parent companies) against TuneIn, also US based.  Probably will happen and used UK as a Guinea pig.  I doubt will affect Warner but Sony should be careful as likely to have a back lash on their consumer products.

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This isn't the biggest problem in the world but it's a tad annoying. If I want to listen to the Lore podcast I browse TuneIn using the sonos app and select the episode to listen to, but it usually doesn't work the first time I try to play it. It may work on the second, third or fourth attempt. It always works eventually but it always takes a while.


I have no issues with my network music library or with streaming from amazon music. So I presume the problem is specifically related to TuneIn.


Anyone else having issues?

Jeg syntes tit jeg ikke kan finde danske podcasts.

nu her f.eks berlinske og JP.

ender tit op med at bare afspille via iPad lyd


hvad gør i?


Hi all, like others, my favorite radio station has disappeared and I can’t find how to get the URL so that I can add it manually. Is anyone able to help? I searched the internet but no idea where to find it. It was Deep House Music on Sonos Radio. 



Can someone help me with info on how to add and then find a radion station if I add the URL?

I added HBR1 (as an example) and then it just disappeared into oblivion. No-where to be seen in the station lists.


It’s really a pain these radios disappearing, I understand it’s not exactly Sonos’ fault but they don’t seem to be handling the fall out very gracefully, or at all…

I’ve had mixed results with stream urls. Most work fine.

Some don’t. In particular this one works fine in VLC but not with Sonos. Wonder if that provider is actively blocking Sonos based on User Agent header or something...


Thanks for the heads up re Mytuner radio. Set the app up and can listen again to 80s80s Depeche Mode, 80s80s Bowie and Deep House Ibiza.

Can someone help me with info on how to add and then find a radion station if I add the URL?


TuneIn > My Radio Stations


Thanks for that. But every URL I put doesn’t seem to work and what I do not like is that we must use TuneIn! It is not a service I like and I much preferred until Sonos took it down.

Can anyone help me. Up until the last week I’ve been listening to Mix fm from Iheart radio on me of the Sonos radio stations All of a sudden it has stopped. I press play and it goes back to stop. On many other sonos radio stations this is also happening please help! 


Rather than mess around with VPNs, just locate the URLs for the stations you like to listen to and add them to My Radio Stations.

So I found My Radio Stations within TuneIn Radio.  I went to “Add a Radio Station”.  I put in the URL as you suggested that would work.  I do see that it asks for the streaming URL

When I try to play I get the message  that its not encoded correctly

I have looked at the source code for the page but I do not know enough to work out which is the streaming url.   Can someone help?


well spotted, using http rather than https fixed it...

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I think that link is intended for an embedded player (in a webpage). If you look on the station’s home page they have a link hiding under a button entitled “Use your MP3 player” and that seems to work:


Thanks very much.   I can now pretend I am at Pizza Express Dean Street…………  One day soon maybe


I use Sonos as my alarm clock and set it up so that Sonos Radio plays the UK TalkRadio station for an hour. About once every two weeks it plays a different station, a local one, not a national one.

Has anyone had this happen to them or have a fix?

Mr Rusty. How i wish this had worked for my favourite station on Live 365.

The whole thing is a nightmare for Sonos users.

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Just bought a Sonos One SL. I have the app on my phone.

  1. I’ve set up Spotify, which is the streaming service I use. Getting there..


  1. I’m trying to use the Radio with little success. In the list of stations, I can’t find the ones I want to listen to and there appears to be no search facility! All I want is BBC Radio 6, which can’t be found, and I’ve given up on trying to search for Alpha Boy Old School Radio,

Disappointingly I’ve spent more time trying to work the thing than listen to music on it. 

Also, the room icon (family room) appears on screen all the time when music is played. This obscures the app controls. How the hell do you get rid of that? It's like a bad itch that never goes away.

Please help me out of this technological hell.



Yes agree,not 100%, but does work for a lot of stations. If the stream URL is buried in a script somewhere though it doesn’t work. Why stations that want listeners don’t actively publish their streaming URLs on their websites is a mystery to me.

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There is a search facility in the Sonos app - the fourth of the five icons at the bottom of the screen - and “stations” is one of the filters. BBC Radio 6 appears in MyTuner Radio and elsewhere, but you might need to add MyTuner Radio  in the Services and Voice section first.