Tidal on new Sonos App

  • 16 May 2024
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Soooooo, maybe I’m the only one that can’t figure this out but, how in the heck do you play “all tracks” in your collection? I must be missing something.

Also, this is potentially the worst app experience I have ever had in my life.  If this isn’t fixed like pronto I’m moving my 11 zones and 29 Sonos products into the dumpster although it may be tough because it is on fire at the moment with this dumpster fire of an app.

@Sonos - wow.  This is horrific.  You guys should be embarassed.

3 replies

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Do you call mid-June “pronto”? If not, head for the dumpster. 



Agree entirely. Took over an hour to contact Sonos only to be told I need a new wi-fi system plus my music library will re-appear soon when Sonos finish work on new app.

Everything was excellent before I downloaded the new app. So is it a coincidence that my wi-fi system is to blame?

Thanks goodness they dont make cars or we would all be crashing!!!

Wait Sonos told you, you need a new wifi system, like router or access point? WTF