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  • 23 February 2021
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The search function in Soundcloud is not working properly.

When searching for a track, mix whatever and using the exact name of the track it doesn't come up as a number one result. I have to scroll down like 20-30 tracks before I reach that track I am looking for.


This is the case in the Windows controller as in the Android controleer.


Funny enough, when searching for that track in the Windows controller it puts the track with the exact name in Italian style. So somehow the app recognizes that this is the track you are looking for. So why doesn't it pop up as a number 1 result?


P.S. Every one is complaining for years why we can not search within all music sources at once within the Windows controller. Is it that difficult Sonos?

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2 replies

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Hi @Frank_43 

Thanks for your question. 

Does this happen with all tracks on Soundcloud, or just one/a few? If it’s the latter, can you give us the name(s) of the track(s), please? Do the other tracks that show match your search query at all? Perhaps what you see are covers, and they put the original in italics? If this is the case, they might be sorted in order of recent popularity.

The Sonos app displays what Soundcloud tells it to display for a search, so it’s likely that we’d need to feedback to Soundcloud about this issue.

As for searching all sources in the Desktop Controller app, we're planning to continue to support the desktop controller for playback and control but don't have plans for new features.

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Thanks, for you quick reply Corry.

This happens most of time. Depending, I guess, on the name of the track. If there are many look-a-likes then more results are shown and the one I am looking for is harder to find.

For example Blasterjaxx present - Maxximize On Air 354. This track (it's actually a mix, so no cover what's so ever) shows up as number 17.



If I search for a track/mix called Fedde Le Gand - Darklight Sessions 449 it does show as the only results. But when I look for Darklight Sessions 449 it shows up as number 96 (!). How is it then possible that it first shows tracks with Darklight Sessions 186, or 250, or any other ending number?

Some how the application knows what track I am looking for, because the one I am looking for is showing in Italian style.