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Well, I remember a time when I went into a high end audio store several years ago to trade up some of my sonos speakers and they tried to sell me on top notch stuff, while confessing that Sonos had cornered the market in terms of the app. They said no one can really touch it. Best one out there. And then a few weeks ago happened. Honestly, sincerely and with love in my heart for the tech, what did you guys do??? This is hands down the worst "upgrade" I have ever experienced with any type of tech. The app barely responds and if it does, it can take several seconds and then undo what I asked it to do, i.e., lower volume and then it magically goes up. My wife already hates my music and Sonos, but this is literally not helping my marriage. That's how bad it is. It is impossible to navigate. Everytime I try and play something, I have to try two or three different ways until I figure it out again. Completely unintuitive. It's so bad that even though there might be PR ramifications, I would strongly encourage reversing the app upgrade (so hard for me to use that word) until you rework an updated version. Music is one of my most favorite things in life. Sonos is ruining it with every attempted stream. Please fix this! PLEASE. 

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You've likely seen the Washington Post article about it. Appears to be universally hated. I use an android so I was able to revert to the last version, but even w the auto update turned off, it STILL updated to the new app. So I reverted again and waiting to see what happens. Apparently there is no reverting if you use Apple products. Apple has to make it available in their store.

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Really well said! It’s beyond belief tbh.