New SONOS App - very poor - limited Spotify Playlists?

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Hi, as many others have also posted about the poor quality, functionality, and poor look and feel of the new App.  Clearly its not popular and has been hurried through, and/or not very well thought out from a ‘real user’ perspective.

SONOS, please supply a rollback option to S2 ASAP!

Also, can any other iOS users confirm that if subscribed to Spotify, then the number of Playlists appear to be limited via the new SONOS App.  I have a couple of hundred playlists in Spotify, these used to show in the S2 app with no issue, the new App only seems to show around 30 Spotify Playlists in my SONOS Playlist library.  Can anybody confirm this is an issue too?

Come on SONOS, please sort this mess out ASAP!!!


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The new app is a trainwreck. It is glitchy, clunky, often unresponsive and what the hell with the playlists, Sonos? You have degraded the experience for of your customers.  What a shame

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The app has now hundreds of 1 star reviews on Google Play store. Sonos have just destroyed their brand

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It’s total madness isn’t it!!  Its like SONOS have made their best efforts to break it badly and then let the users find the issues! 

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As a developer I just cannot understand the level of incompetence of the development team of this app. This is really trash. Frequently I accidently bump to volume instantly to 100% because while doing a sliding action the volume button is also triggered. This already hurts my ears multiple times and I hope the Sonos product will not be damaged. 

Navigation is also freakin’ terrible. 

Then the connection. Frequently when opening the app it cannot connect and I have to turn WiFi off/on to get connected again. This is not an issue with my network because the previous app worked fine and other smarthome apps also do not have connectivity issues.

Sonos product are not cheap and we expect prime quality and experience. We paid a lot for both hardware and software, please make the software quality and experience meet the criteria again. Software development is not that hard.

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I don’t know what problems Sonos was trying to solve with this new ver80.xx.xx app but I know they created some brand new ones. 

  • Tried to play the tops hits of an artist on Tidal and it only played the first song (never had that problem on S2 app)
  • After opening app it could not connect to my Era 300 even though it was already playing a song
  • Opening Pandora in the app failed on first try (never remember that happening in S2)
  • Its much more clunky adding a remove different rooms/devices
  • I don’t appreciate the adds for Sonos products (e.g. Ace headphones) in the valuable home page space
  • Takes way longer to populate metadata (e.g. images of album covers, names of channels, etc.)
  • What is “Your Sources” and why is that on the home page? My is defaulted to My TV (why? - my TV only displays video)
  • First song played on Pandora did not finish before the next song started

I would love to go back to S2. It worked fine for my needs. What am I missing?

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Did this new update even get tested?!! 
The new look and feel is awful , hate the consolidated search and how you now have to find your room/speakers and not having the played everywhere button to hand.

Away from the design gripes the actual buggy slow pain of finding tracks (if you’re lucky too) getting different result when you search same artist. It takes ages to actually play and pause , skip response is not acceptable. The volume control is so delayed (it was super responsive before this update and I have tested multiple devices and same results)

it would be quite frankly quicker to leaf through a vinyl collection in a random order to find an artist and place onto a turntable and then place stylus down than this update can do!! 

POOR FORM SONOS - please fix




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As mentioned by someone already you have 100% ruined the product experience for everyone with this awful bug ridden release - I work in technology this would have never passed any QA and be deployed to clients - if it doesn’t get rolled back or remediated fairly quickly you will haemorrhage your market and loose a large amount of loyal users including me. 

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Can confirm I noticed this too and was devastated by it.

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Is anyone- anyone- from Sonos itself going to comment here ? The Spotify playlist flaw is a massive miss from Sonos. Do they care ? Will they fix it ? Would be courteous to respond …

The volume control lag and random volume movements is way worse. Affects all music, not just Spotify. If this issue was on Spotify I would be less angry but it is all aspects that suck. Disconnects, unable to locate my system, volume glitch, the list goes on and on.

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I spoke with Sonos today (May 27) and they told me the 50 Spotify playlist limit is not a known issue, which I cannot believe considering I haven’t heard anyone say they can see more than 50. Also, in true Sonos fashion, they told me not to use their app but use the Spotify app instead. They even gave me a case number but told me nobody would be following up with me but rather I should just keep checking the app periodically. I love Sonos products, but I absolutely HATE Sonos software and support. This is quite possibly the worst “update” I have ever seen on any product I have ever owned. 

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Exact same issue. Downloaded new app and I’d say 80% of my playlists are missing . Just god awful app experience now. Forcing me to rethink sonos at all. Get it fixed! 

Sonos rushed out this unbelievably bad app so they could sell overpriced headphones and have a better platform to advertise crap to us.  Meanwhile they have given the middle to finger to all off their loyal users.   

I have invested thousands and thousands of dollars in this system despite preferring the sound of Bose, simply because Sonos software was so much easier and user friendly. They have absolutely trashed my system with these later software updates that causes me nothing but frustration every time I try to listen music now 

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All I can repeat is IM FURIOUS about this new app!!

its an absolute mess to navigate round,


Hope theres an option coming to go back to the original……. I would NEVER recommend Sonos to anyone from now on! I have previously championed them, but no more!  I may consider pulling out myself now, cant be doing with this mess they've created😫

New app is a disaster !!!!

Joined this Community to voice my annoyance at the sheer uselessness of Sonos app since it was recently relaunched.

I had expected an update to be released to fix the bugs - but understand the catastrophically bad UI would take longer to fix.

As well as the app constantly (Every use!) hanging / loading - the lag switching between devices and even making volume changes means that you’re always being ‘surprised’ by music playing in the wrong room / device and sudden increases in volume.

Makes me regret investing so much in my Sonos products,

Another one having to use Spotify itself to go past my top 25 playlists in the android app. Or fire up my WIndows laptop. Then use the Windows Sonos app to choose a playlist.

I have over 70 Spotify playlists.

This situation is really irritating.

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Same problem. Solution: Use the Spotify app to see and play your music on the Sonos platform. Just click the speaker icon/box on the music bar in the Spotify app and select your Sonos network and problem solved. Selected music playing will display on the Sonos app as before when playing.  

To call thos new app a train wreck is a compliment 

I expect a better experience for the money.

I will not spend anymore $$$$ on this kind of frustrating system. 

Costco Bluetooth 👍

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How can you go from 'I'm thinking of upgrading my sonos system' to ' I hope these guys die in an explosion' I know....... just update the app!

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you would think that they would have an app that works somewhere around their office. That is just crazy. 

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Have been told by Sonos support that the Spotify playlist issue will be resolved in future updates. I assume other issues will also be corrected . My opinion only on that.

One issue I found it fails to load properly. It loads then the next time you load the app, it won't load. Continuously open and close the app then it will load for a couple of times. A visses circle 


Many years ago, Sonos won a large market share because they understood networking (ie WiFi), and they had a solid app. They had a great IT team.

For some reason this has been thrown out the window with the new app. I won’t go through the dozens of issues I’m having as I’d just be repeating what others have reported.It’s as if they replaced their IT department with a bunch of arrogant know-nothings…. dumping all the old code and replacing it with junk!

Sonos’s response to this mess is not encouraging. They have said that it took “courage” to introduce this app and they are “proud” of it. Really?

It’s not surprising that their stock price is down. And on about 20 May, their Chief Product Officer reportedly sold 40k of the company’s shares.



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There again, this is almost criminal, almost intentional, especially the amount of time…..