Library update on Mac with new Sonos app

  • 30 June 2024
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By carefully following hints on this Community I was able to once again view my Music Library through the Sonos App. I have an older iMac and did the following: This must be done on the web based Sonos app. There is no method using IOS on iphone.

  1. Enter File settings and change sharing to SMB
  2. Give proper permissions to Sonos to view Music folder.
  3. Enter correct path-link to My Music folder.
  4. Enter the Sonos app (web based on iMac) and Add Music folder using NAS.

Having done all this the following observations are made:

  1. There is no way at present of searching My Music Library through the sonos IOS app.
  2. Searching the Music Library can be done in two ways: through Spotify Library search or through Sonos search on the web based app.

Good Luck to All !


1 reply

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Hi @JKMId 

Welcome to the Sonos Community! And, apologies for the delay.

Thanks for sharing the steps that fixed your Sonos system’s access to your shared music folder. Please note, however, that you cannot currently search Music Library via the Sonos app or the Web App.

For anyone looking for some more in-depth instructions, another user posted some at the following thread: