Leaving Sonos For Good

  • 28 May 2024
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After spending much time in the community trying to get the New App to work as it should I realize now that my SONOS system has been redered a glorified radio set. 

  • Cannont access my music librairies anymore. 
  • My 2 prefered streaming provider are not accessible anymore. 
  • The new app is simply awful and practically unsuable. 

I have told the merchant who sold me my last component to stop selling SONOS’ products if he wants to keep his name. I discourage my friends to buy the products and or upgrade. There are plenty of Wireless apps and products (WI-Fi and Bluetooth) that can do the job. 

Bye Bye Sonos!

1 reply

If one is to be effective in their threats to leave Sonos, they probably shouldn’t use the same username they used to threaten to leave Sonos over half a decade ago.  We all know the bunny never really gets it, but do you have to be so obvious about it?