iTunes imported playlists won't play

  • 8 July 2022
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The Sonos app on my Android Samsung Galaxy won’t play imported iTunes playlists unless the Sonos desktop application is open on my PC. This wasn’t a problem for a long time but started recently. The Sonos app will play all other sources except the imported playlists. If I open the desktop Sonos program and start a playlist using the app, I can close the desktop Sonos program and the app will continue to play music from the imported playlists. Once I close and open the Android app, it will no longer play from the imported playlists until I open the desktop application.

Thanks for any ideas to fix this so I don’t have to open the desktop app in order for the Android app to use iTunes imported playlists.


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4 replies

That’s odd, as the ‘app’ playing the music is on the speaker, and not your desktop. Have you submitted diagnostics to Sonos and contacted them?

Where is the music on this iTunes playlist stored?

The iTunes playlists and the music files are on my desktop computer. It used to work fine to just open the Sonos app on my phone and play the iTunes playlists. Now I have the problem I described. I’m not sure when the problem started as there are always updates being installed for the desktop program, Windows, Android, Sonos app, etc. I assume one of those is the source. 

I thought I’d try the Community in hopes of a simple fix before talking to Sonos. 


Ah, there may have been some sort of change that puts your desktop computer, and more specifically, its hard drive, to “sleep”. You may want to take a look at the various power settings to see if it’s being turned off without your knowledge. Sonos can’t read data from an “asleep” hard drive :)

I’ve sorted out that the issue is related to the SonosLibraryService. Once that service is running, the phone app will play without the Sonos desktop program needing to be open. I just need to be sure I have that service configured correctly and I believe the problem will be resolved. Thanks for the insights.