I think SONOS wants to get out of local music library support completely.

  • 16 May 2024
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Has anyone else noticed that the support for playing local music files is incrementally just withering away? As someone who tends to buy music digitally (Bandcamp, Amazon etc) rather than stream, my entire reason (and many others’) for investing so deeply in the Sonos ecosystem is becoming moot.

First, they removed the ability to play music stored on a mobile device. This was a big step down for me personally, because I tended to keep the ‘heavy rotation’ stuff in my collection on my phone, due to  (relatively) limited storage space.

It wound up sending me to my computer to manually divvy my collection into two folders (‘Heavy’ and ‘Light’ rotation). Not the end of the world, but still a pretty big inconvenience.

Next, they recently disabled the ability to search for songs on a local music library. This was pretty awful and sent me to look for Sonos alternatives, despite the big investment. If you wanted to listen to your  local music library,  you had to manually navigate to it and browse. Absolutely terrible.

More recently, the coup-de-grace: no music library access at all. Some users have reported solutions that to be perfectly blunt are far beyond the technical prowess of a casual user. I applaud the users for trying to help the community in a way Sonos seems unwilling to, but this is just beyond the pale.

I’m trying to be as objective as I can, but I can narrow it down to only two possible conclusions:

1 - that the product strategist folks at Sonos are completely inept; or,

2 - that they know exactly what they’re doing, and don’t care. I tend to think it’s this latter one. I don’t think it would’ve been hard to completely decapitate local music library support in one fell swoop, but the cynic in me tells me that they know they’d alienate too many at once going this route. So they chip away at it, and in the end we’re left with speakers that don’t do anything that a lot of other speakers out there can’t do already.

I really don’t understand why Sonos would take this approach here. They had something cool and unique, and they’re leaning on their reputation and established userbase to buffer them against backlash as they turn their product into middling.

3 replies

They've taken our money and then switched off the reason we bought their products.

I've got £1400 worth of useless equipment

If shouldn't be legal and I'm looking to see if legal action, against them is an option.

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Then why promise to bring the missing features back in the next weeks and even ad the personal library to new search?

Yes, the introduction of new app was a train wreck. Pulling features and not telling anyone about it, instead only producing blurb about courage and how good the app is, was not Sonos best hour. Sonos does seam very bad at this transparency thing. But pulling SMBv1 support (that they did announce beforehand) looks like a wise thing to do - it was even frowned upon that it wasn’t pulled years ago, right on this community. These posts seem paranoid to me.

I'm not "paranoid" I'm bitterly disappointed that I have spent a lot of money on a system that no longer functions the way it was sold to me and the reason I bought it.

To my knowledge Sonos have not even acknowledged that there is an issue and the promises of fixes somewhere down the line, are not official, they are unofficial rumours put out by staff members.

The suggestion that we use Line in or bluetooth, means that I will have to buy additional equipment from Sonos and completely undermines the whole point of a "wireless" hifi system, and what's to say they won't remove that functionality further down the line.

I have a media server that I can no longer access, much of the music on there is original music and not available on any streaming service. How am I supposed to listen to that.

We are not paranoid, Sonos have removed the core function of their system and left us trying to find workarounds.