HELP! Cannot turn on data sharing or “manage additional usage data”

  • 22 November 2022
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I’m trying to get my Recently Played list to populate and it keeps telling me to turn on data sharing. I’m happy to share my data - we’re all being tracked already anyway, right? - but no matter how many times I go to 

Data & Privacy > Additional usage data > Turn usage data sharing on

The option does not hold and immediately turns it off.

When I then go to Data & Privacy > Use Personalization Services > and try to make this “Enabled” it does nothing and stays as “Disabled”.


I’ve deleted and reinstalled the iOS app, signed out and back in, reset the entire system, and still can’t get this to work. Sonos, I’m begging you to take my data! How can I get this to work to unlock the Recently Played section and other features?


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4 replies

Same issue 

What did Sonos say when you contacted Support?

For that matter, which version of the Sonos controller are you running, S1 or S2, and which release of the software? Also, which iOS operating system are you running?

Same issue here. Very frustrating, as a sonos user since yesterday. 
Already tried to reset the app without success

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Hi @Seisto 

We are aware of this issue where “Use Personalization Services” cannot be activated in certain circumstances, and are working on a resolution.