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  • 24 January 2023
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After switching on my speakers my app (S2) says that there is an error with my WiFi and let's fix it. I spend about 10 minutes trying to rectify this for nothing cause it still unable to find my products. Tells me to restart my broadband, turn off and on my products, press the two buttons on the device yet still not find anything. Everyday I go through this and now enough is enough. I was looking at getting the arc and sub but due to these using the app I'm put off getting them for this reason.


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2 replies

Refrain from the temptation to Factory Reset any SONOS products without further consult. 

Describe your system and network. What is wired? Wireless? Network switches? Mesh WiFi? Model numbers? What are you using to control the SONOS system?

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Wire one of your devices to your router and see if that improves the connectivity issues you are experiencing.

Also by “switching on” do you mean you turn the power off on your speakers? If you are having connectivity issues, constantly powering the speakers on and off isn’t going to help matters.