Crappiest app in modern history

  • 15 December 2023
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Except for the hardware on the speaker itself, this must be the crappiest system ever,


Things that are  trivial on any other app/system becomes a nightmare on Sonos. 

Just to add a speaker and get it to work without a LAN cable (LAN cable?! Really!) is a f****** nightmare. Going through an eternal loop of find a new network, asking for microphone access (AGAIN! REALLY?!!!). Activating WLAN or deactivating WLAN and the reactivating it does nothing


In I unplug this mf speaker its like groundhog day, all over again, same s***** guidelines, works as long there is a cable put in to it. Once I unplug the lan-cable, the crappy app cant find the speaker, the only thing that works is a factory reset and do it all over again. 


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2 replies

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I know that I’m going to regret offering help but it is Christmas. 🤞

Now that you’ve had your rant and assuming that you actually want some help, can you please explain what the issue is, what actions you’ve taken so far and we’ll try to help you.

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Sounds like you have the crappiest router in modern history to me.