Certain subscribed podcasts will not play/connect on Sonos

  • 24 February 2023
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Certain podcasts (ie. The Ben Shapiro Show  and  the Dan Bongino Show) will not play or connect on Sonos, whether its on Pocketcast, tunein, iHeart etc. The podcasts will play on Pocketcast, iHeat etc apps on the  iPhone. Is Sonos blocking these podcasts

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4 replies

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Duplicate to this post:


Same issue-  I’m on the chat with SONOS support and they tell me SONOS doesn’t have the ability to block podcasts

The are requesting I call the 800 number to set up a remote session.


As stated in the other thread, 

…, that means that for some reason, the streaming service is withholding it from Sonos users, and the streaming service should be contacted. Sonos would display and play any content they’re handed/supplied via the API on the streaming service’s servers, but if they aren’t provided access to that podcast, Sonos has zero control. 

There are several streaming companies that choose to withhold some content, particularly podcasts, from Sonos users. Perhaps to boost the use of their own app, I’m not sure why.