can't find system wifi password change

  • 22 November 2022
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Sonos worked no problem until router password was changed.  I have followed all steps show in support threads several times but S1 app won’t find the bridge even when wired to the router with ethernet.  Please help!


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The change of wifi password should not have done anything to the Bridge, that should be cable connected to your router.

It does seem the Bridge is malfunctioning though. If wifi does not wrk for you you could replace the Bridge by it’s successor. the Boost.

Thanks will do. Turns out my new setup only works properly if no other devices are connected.... aargh so frustrating.  Need better wifi!


The old Bridge power supply is known to cause issues as it gets older (voltage fluctuation) I have a similar problem with an old NAS box power supply, so it maybe that, perhaps🤔?

Maybe consider running all your speakers on the local WiFi instead. See this link and the section entitled ‘switch to a wireless setup’:

Hope that helps too.👍

Thanks ken_griffiths. Can't get the bridge to connect so gave up and connected speakers individually and that seems to work! Thanks so much for taking the trouble to reply

Presumably you have not factory reset any of your Sonos products?

After wiring the Sonos Bridge to the router, try rebooting all your other Sonos devices. Ensure your Sonos controller is connected to the new WiFi signal and fully close and reopen the Sonos App and see if that works. If no joy then set aside the Bridge and cable one of your other Sonos products to the router instead and see if that resolves things for you - if things still aren’t working, try a ‘different’ network cable connection and try another Ethernet port on the router (just in case).

Hope you manage sort it and get things back up and running.