can 'see' old playlist but then 'the associated account was not found on your SONOS system' !?

  • 3 December 2023
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I spent quite some quite creating a large holiday music playlist a few years ago (probably before the switch from SONOS 1 to SONOS 2? not sure...); that list still appears - and I can ‘see’ all names / tracks that are part of the list.

However, when trying to play the tracks, I get the above message ‘the associated account was not found on your system’ !?

So - not sure what’s going on here.

1 - I have never created / used more than ONE SONOS account (so the message, at face value, does not make any logical sense? - The playlist CAN ONLY BE ASSOCIATED with the same account I am using now - and:

2 - again, I really don’t know enough about the technical background here - but - if I can ‘see’ each and everyone of these tracks, albeit with a funny struck through circle in front of it, then I assume that the associated info (i.e. source of the track / album etc.), so the coordinates for SONOS to find the track, are still there.  Isn’t that what makes up a playlist?  I mean - the playlist itself then, I assume, is still there - not lost.  Why doesn’t it work?

I have never used SONOS to play music / tracks stored on my own computer - so the problem cannot be that SONOS looks for, but doesn’t find, tracks on my own system.

Would appreciate help - of course, resolving / explaining this may be something simple that more experienced ‘playlist creators and users’ will immediately know the answer to. 


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7 replies

Thanks a lot!

So you were using a streaming service: Deezer.

No, the references can’t be resolved to any other service. They’re basically URLs into Deezer’s servers, plus account authentication information. 

Yes, you’d need to recreate the playlists afresh when you migrate to another service. That said, there are online translation services available which claim to be able to recreate playlists on a new service. However there need to be playlists on the old service (Deezer) in the first place. If all you have are Sonos Playlists that’s not sufficient. 

There is however evidently a third party tool capable of exporting Sonos Playlists. I’ll leave it to the author, who hangs out here, to explain how these might be importable into a new service. 

OK - in that case, what MAY be happening is that, at that time, I was using DEEZER at the time this playlist was made, and that playlist no longer works just because I’m no longer using DEEZER - which then is the ‘associated account’ that is missing. 

Ok - thanks for explaining - just my ignorance about how tracks are pulled into SONOS.

- However - is there no way to now ‘amend’ that playlist to use the APPLE MUSIC account I’m now using? 

- Somehow I was assuming that a PLAYLIST works ‘stand-alone’ in SONOS - just a listing of hundreds of tracks - and then uses whatever conduit / account it finds to pull the corresponding music into SONOS?!

-  That would make sense right - not an unreasonable expectation? - Or do you have to recreate playlists every time you change the music provider?

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Directly from the internet, without a music provider? It did not know this was possible. Have you checked if the music is still where you originally found it?

and this is the message generated every time I’m trying to play one of the tracks in this list… which worked fine at the time!? 


Thanks a lot for your reply - I forgot to attach the screen shot showing these ‘tracks’ - which are all sourced directly from the internet - no streaming service used. 


It sounds like the playlist tracks point to a streaming service and the original online music account is no longer available on the Sonos system.