Amazon Unlimited wont play HD or UHD

  • 1 February 2023
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Although I can play HD or ultraHD content natively through the amazon music app, and I understand if I play amazon music through the S2 app I should see a badge for songs that are in HD or ultraHD quality, I don’t see the badge. To be precise, the HD badge shows for a split second then disappears. I am playing to an Arc + Sub (Gen 2) + 2xOneSL (surrounds). Any one have a solution?


Best answer by Ken_Griffiths 1 February 2023, 01:09

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1 reply

I’m using Amazon Music Unlimited and I’m seeing the various badges when playing to the Sonos Arc via the Sonos App in-built service. See attached.

The audio quality will fall back though if the connection between Amazon servers and your speakers is having some difficulty, so that’s one plausible possibility.

I would try reauthorising your AM service in the Sonos App and also reboot your router and see if that perhaps resolves the issue.