When is Sonos going to revert back to an app that WORKS?!

  • 13 May 2024
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Can no longer add to, or create, a new playlist. An app ‘update’ is supposed to ENHANCE the user experience and not be regressive and make people dislike your product. PLEASE fix this and admit your error!

1 reply

Couldn’t agree more. Early adopter here with Sonos throughout the house. Not too interested in “content” from Spotify etc but just wanted to play my whole music library via Sonos. Have also put together lots of personal playlists. As I write this, my music library does not show up on either my iPhone or my iPad (only on my laptop app) and my carefully curated playlists are nowhere to be seen. Maybe I’m too old now to be the Sonos target user and maybe I don’t understand the reasoning behind the revised app. What I do know, however, is that what used to be a great system for my needs is now useless. Will see how things pan out but there could soon be a pile of Sonos kit on eBay. Wake up Sonos and listen to your loyal customers.