Unable to control sonos volume using TV or virgin media remote when listening to music

  • 23 June 2022
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When watching my Sony Tv and listening to the sound through my sonos arc i can control the volume level up or down , by using the appropriate buttons on the TV  or Virgin media Tivo box remote and that works fine.

However, when playing music through my sonos arc from, for example Deezer, i can only adjust the volume up or down by using the sonos app on my phone, whereas until recently, I have been able to also control the music volume using the appropriate buttons on the TV and virgin media Tivo box remotes.

I just spoke to a Sonos technician/ engineer and he said that the TV and virgin remotes cannot control the volume of music on the Sonos arc and that i must use the app to control the volume…… even though my system has worked like this ever since it was brand new ( maybe 2 years or so old). 

OK its not a major issue and i can control the volume on the app, but it used to be so much more convenient to adjust the volume using the \tv or virgin remotes.

I cannot understand why this has stopped working and am hoping that someone can offer a solution to the little problem for me.

Many thanks



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3 replies

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Having a remote change the volume of a Sonos soundbar when it does not emit TV sound is only possible when the remote is using ir to directly command the soundbar. On modern TV’s the (often bluetooth) remote commands the TV, which in turn commands the soundbar via HDMI-CEC. This doesn’t work when the middle man (TV) is turned off. 

If it worked for you before something must have changed in your set up.

Control Sonos home theater with your TV remote

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I contacted Sonos directly and they reset the sonos speakers in my property and talked me through setting up the system so it would work using both TV and virgin remotes. The system is now working fine. Thanks