SONOS S2 Windows App - V14.10 Update

  • 22 June 2022
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I just updated the Microsoft Windows SONOS S2 V14.8 app to V14.10. When I open the app it has “The Queue is empty” with a spinning globe above it. The Help About screen is blank. The update installed without reporting any issues.


Has anyone else experienced this issue?



  1. I disabled my Norton 360 Smart Firewall.
  2. I then launched the S2 SONOS app.
  3. The app responds immediately without the empty queue message.
  4. The app Help about reports all information.
  5. I then closed the SONOS app.
  6. I enabled the Norton 360 Smart Firewall.
  7. Launched the SONOS V2 app and everything is now working.

2 replies

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Thanks for your post, and for sharing your findings!

I’m glad to hear you got it fixed.

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The Norton firewall is clearly not as smart as it thinks it is.