Resolved - Pandora Unable to Browse or asking for Authorization Code

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Solved, working again!

Pandora outage

Sonos has absolutely no control over Pandora’s server farms. That’s up to the folks at Pandora. 

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Just tested again, looks like it’s back up!

all good. it’s back.. 

I am trying to add Pandora to Sonos and it keeps pointing me to a page where I am supposed to enter an activation code which does not exist. Sonos does not provide any such activation code.


Thank you so much, you two.

Last week I found a had three different leaks in my house and it's ending up to be my roof. I found mice in my house, and then finally, the electricity blew out at my circuit breaker box and the actual circuit breaker needed to be replaced too.

I didn't want to lose my music too! Hahaha

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I should add that i swapped a Port for an older connect the other day, but it’s been working fine (and setup the exact same way)

Same issue here, it’s broken since yesterday. 

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Same problem here.  Was listening to Pandora and it stopped playing abruptly.  I get a network error when attempting to reauthorize Pandora on my Sonos devices.  Playing Pandora from my phone or web browser works just fine.  Pandora status shows green on the Sonos Status page, but that’s clearly not the case.

I have the same issue. Only Pandora is not working. Spotify, SiriusXM work fine. Trying to reauthorize Pandora on the SONOS app gives “check your network connection - there was a problem getting started”. Pandora plays fine through the Pandora app on the same phone, and on a laptop.

Try unplugging your Sonos devices from power, then reboot your router. When the router comes back up, plug your Sonos devices back in. 


I, also get an error message of “Unable to Start Service”.  This is only regarding Pandora.  Spotify, etc., all working.

Same problem here was working then stopped and can no longer browse any pandora stations or deauthorize account 

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This link shows Pandora down:


THAT is a handy link. thanks!

Sunday mid-day EST… Still out. Any ideas how to fix this? Any word from Pandora or Sonos on this?


Mine started working late yesterday, Sat Apr 18. I had fully removed Pandora from Sonos app on Mac OS and was trying to re-add it. It was hung up on the Activation Code error. Then, no explanation, it just started working.

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Ooooppss. I just posted this question again. Sorry guys.  Must have been an update issue on sonos or pandora end. Might take em a few to fix it...

Suspiciously the Pandora app updated on my husband’s and my phone yesterday.  Pandora stopped playing this afternoon on our Sonos.

As of this morning, Pandora is back up and working again on my system. It must have been a back-end fix because I didn’t do anything locally to correct the issue (other than cursing :-) ).


I lost Pandora on my Sonos and guess what? Same thing!

Then it says to just “open product” and it will display activation code. NOT.


10/29/20 - Its not working again…..although this is the first time I have experienced it on my system.

Spotify works, Sonos Radio works, music library works…….Pandora can not connect to my Sonos system, and Sonos tell me there is a network problem when I try to add the service to my Sonos account via my phone or tablet.

Check and you’ll find Pandora is down currently.


Thank you so much, Bruce!!! So there is an outage with Pandora… BUT, I am able to play it on my devices, just not via Sonos.



Oops… that was from Sonos. Got it. Thanks again!