Resolved - Pandora Unable to Browse or asking for Authorization Code

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Same here, hopefully an answer will be coming from somewhere.

I’m unable to play Pandora from my Sonos trying using either my iPhone or computer.

Keeps asking for reauthorization, but neither device displays an authcode I can input.  I can log in and play Pandora fine other places including the devices I use to control Sonos.

Same here, where is this activation code??

Same issue. I have been trying to deal with this for a couple of hours now.  It’s very frustrating.  Can someone please help!?!?

same issue here! we have tried from mobile and pc for both sonos and pandora apps. nada

same issue

Same issue here…. Anybody have a fix yet?


So now that none of us can not find any activation code for pandora what’s the solution ? 

Same here.  All of a sudden.

Having the same issue here as well just after I had to update the app.  Sonos is going to hell and I’m ready to chuck my Sonos equipment in the trash.

I'm very confident the issue is Pandora.

They're known more for not caring about repercussions to users than Sonos.

I'll listen to Sirius till Sonos gets Pandora to remove their head from their ass.



Hit me up if you want to sell your Gen1 stuff.

Pandora has separate servers for Sonos users, so it’s entirely possible that one is down while the other isn’t. 

Thanks Airgetlam..…

I didn't know anything about that page when I was trying to figure out what was going on and found this posting. Then I found the link to the status page somewhere else. I bookmarked it for future reference, and I appreciate your reply !


Thanks !

Same here. I can stream from Pandora to Sonos, by clicking on the bottom right from the Pandora app just like AirPlay, not great but at least it works for the moment. 

If Pandora is working normally on my iPhone direct on the pandora app but won’t connect to sonos app or my sonos speakers how is it a Pandora outage ?

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Just again,  Pandora on Sonos is down. Per real time service status, once it’s back up, it will activate.


Happened to me too. Not sure if it is a Sonos or Pandora issue. Might be the last straw for me with Pandora. 

It’s working again!!!!!!

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It’s back!!  You can reactivate Pandora on Sonos. 

Hmmm… <looking at Sonos status page> Over 100 services listed there… Pandora is the only one down.  Yeahhh.  Pandora cares a lot about service.

Working here too


Same issue here..  I think my Sonos system has covid-19.

Thank you forum! 

It’s back !!! Thank god