Resolved - Pandora Unable to Browse or asking for Authorization Code

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I’ll tell you what.  I’ve spent about a grand on my Sonos system, house-wide, and this is the final straw.  I really don’t care if Sonos broke things or if Pandora did, but combine this with the ‘End of Life’ of the Gen 1 products and I’m >this< close to just selling it all on ebay and finding a new system.

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Seems many are having the same problem. Looks like Sonos hit the reset on everyone. Well done Sonos. Of course they are closed now.  What a joke…. I wished there was a better system out there. As Sonos keeps doing stupid stuff like this. 

Same same. Just started having issues tonight. So frustrating

Yep, same here.  Glad I’m not alone.  I don’t like using airplay from Pandora but there it is.  I hope there is an update soon.  Bad timing. Grrrrrrr…...

Just started for me also.  Might be the last straw in the push to Spotify

Same issue here😡 with Pandora auth code.We also have Apple Music & at least that is working 

So wild - same here! Came here hoping the issue would be resolved. Clearly music is needed when we are all stuck at home - pandora has been funky for the past few weeks w/Sonos 

Agreed - constantly skipping songs out of no where

OK - I am also having this problem trying to access Pandora from my iPhone Sonos app. Very frustrating.

Amazon Music is just as good. 

The issue seems to have struck every SONOS user who has tried to use Pandora.

I just tried to cross-posted in the Pandora Community:


Yep - I’m done with Pandora.  I’ve had more problems integrating it into Sonos than any other service.  I don’t get issues like this with Amazon or Google music.  Good job Pandora.

I am having the same problem.  It just happened today.  I echo everyone’s comments -- I don’t care whose fault it is sonos or pandora.  Get this fixed please!

Yup!  Looks like Pandora removed said heads from #$%%.

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This site suggests the outage started around noon pst and has been down 5 hours.


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I lost Pandora on my Sonos and guess what? Same thing!

Then it says to just “open product” and it will display activation code. NOT.


If you look the url has the activation code in the url. The problem is that the receiving end isn’t accepting it

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Hello All - mine just came back online. Give it a go. 


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It’s a cloud system so usually there’s plenty of failover. I’d suspect that if someone at Sonos knew about the outage, it would be fixed within minutes.

the problem here i think is that operations needs to realize there is a problem and then get their arse in gear! 

I have Pandora running on Sonos again.  Thanks for all of your comments!  At least it wasn't just me.


Yep, same problem here. Was listing just a little while ago and now it gives me the same error you got. And I also can connect to Pandora fine in a web browser. Google music works fine, haven’t tried any other services.

ALL my other connected services are working, but once again, not Pandora. Seems to be happening more frequently in the past few months. 

This link shows Pandora down:


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Working again...

Same here.  Had to remove pandora.  Cannot install.  Requesting activation code but can not obtain one.  What a mess. 

Same exact issue as above.


lost Pandora. Deleted App. Started over by re downloading Sonos App to IPhone to play Pandora. Sonos asking for Pandora code. There is no code.


Tried unsuccessfully about 10 times.


Help please!





Jeez if anyone finds an answer to this please post it.  So frustrating.  Glad to come on here and see that it is not just me having issues.