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Thank GOD the new Sonos ADs are working front and center in the new APP. It really isn’t that important that I can no longer access my Music from my NAS that I have enjoyed for 15 years running. Playlists with a queue that are editable, who cares! I can wait another year or so to have a fully functioning system I’ve invested thousands in, … what I can’t wait for is wanting to see what Sonos wants to sell me next! I love the product but having nothing but contempt for Sonos now. I will never recommend it to anyone again, nor will I invest another dime in a company that is so arrogant and dismissive of what they’ve done with this ridiculous new App launch.

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I just updated the Sonos app and lost balance control on my Sonos Roam stereo pair.  Apparently  the balance control was not included with the update.  Has anyone else noticed this issue or am I just missing something?

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I have an outdoor complete Sonos system by my pool, the move and my house wired with Sonos for listening throughout my whole house.


you change the app to where it is much more difficult to just play from a playlist.  Like when I shuffle songs how do you either skip a song or go back to a song now?  All I can see to do is hit reshuffle.  

The new app just seems more confusing and not as user friendly.  I guess I do t know why a change was needed.  You did not make it better…. Made it more frustrating to me.


Please reset back to the old app!

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The app is broken in at least a dozen different ways. The REAL question we should be asking is what the hell is Sonos support doing to help their customer base? Because you KNOW they know it’s broken, their users have a wad of money dedicated to this (now junk) hardware and we get … nothing?!

Nothing from the president/CEO, nothing from calling support, nothing from the support website, and nothing from the latest release for IOS - which continues to have the same issues it did last week, and the week before, and the week before that!

Class action lawsuit is required with negligence like this from a corporation that has shafted their users.

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I spent £2.3k yesterday ordering a new system to replace my Sonos set up as I don't trust them to sort this out in a timely manner or to not do it again in future. As I don't stream music I don't feel as if I'm a consideration. I take delivery on Monday and assuming it all works Sonos will be out of my house and my life. In future I'm going to be very vocal is steering people away from this brand, whereas previously I was advocating it.

Just wish I could send my bill to the CEO.

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The new app is full of bugs. I have issues with music library tracks playing and skipping and repeating at random. I have Apple and Amazon services, Apple is working fine but Amazon says ‘An error occurred with Amazon Music. Try again later’. I should never have upgraded and Sonos should never have released this update.

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A matter of trust


By now most Sonos customers are aware of the release of the Sonos “upgrade”. All the missing items and major issues have been well documented in this release that looks more like a version one pre beta, or more likely a high school class programing exercise.


Sonos had the option of creating a new version leaving the old one in tact, but instead choose to foist the change on an unexpecting user community.


This brings me back the the heading “A Matter of Trust. For years Sonos has built good software and we as users could count on a good product. I originally bought Sonos products based on that reputation.  With this software release they have violated that trust. Even if Sonos fixes the current version of software will you automatically upgrade to the new version, I won’t. When Sonos introduces a new product, such as head phones, will you trust them to produce a good product, I won’t.


TRUST is a major victim to the Sonos action.

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Well this has been an unmitigated cluster***k of a software roll out hasn’t it @Sonos? My Product Management services are available for when you inevitably fire your entire team when the dust settles…

Anyway, I see you’ve rushed out another update (80.00.04) in the Apple App Store, but (somewhat predictably) have failed to provide any meaningful release notes, simply repeating the “Get to your favourite music faster” bobbins you falsely claimed when you released 80.00.00 / 02.

So, before I pull the trigger, can I ask what you’ve updated? Is it any of:

  • Sleep timers / alarms?
  • Reliable hosting of NAS-libraries, with (as a minimum) a letter-scroll for navigation, or better yet full search capability. For your interest the Music Library in “Your Sources” makes its own mind up as to whether to appear or not - see photos below
  • Fixes to broken Favouites links - even when I’ve unfavourited and then reselected them?
  • Volume / tone / balance controls

I could go on, but I’m guessing you’ve got your hands full at the moment.



10 zones currently, first Sonos system bought in 2008, latest one bought this weekend (Premium Surround set) and many many of thousands spent over the years on your products.


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I have an 84 yr old Mom who has been using your app. She had issues but it worked. The new one???  She doesn’t even know what to do and I can’t help because even I don’t know how to use it. I’m completely shocked you would release something so confusing. Sonos you are pissing off your core users. There are many other speakers with better software. 

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You really should force an update to THE OLD APP immediately, and try to get your Sh*t together. This knew thing still absolutely stinks .


The most unprofessional, poorly planned, non-working piece of technology EVER rolled out by ANY company.

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What needs to happen is leadership needs to STOP defending their reasons for this release and instead admit the colossal mistake they made and OWN IT! From its nonsensical UI cards to broken and missing functionality, the new app is a dumpster fire of stupidity. Why on earth would you take something that was great and totally burn it to the ground? Frankly, unless they were specifically directed by the board of directors to release this product, regardless of known issues and customer dislike, Tucker Severson and especially Diane Roberts should be held accountable for this debacle. This app release reflects a SERIOUS leadership issue at Sonos, and since they are publicly traded, you can and should use your shares, even if you own one share, to voice your concerns and vote for change. 






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For a company that promotes ease of use and intuitive products, they release an absolute disaster to the customers. Not just providing functionality that DOESN'T work, but they delete functionality without telling the customer base of the change. They’ve managed to piss off not just users of a function or two, but dozens of functions are broken or missing. Did you do ANY UX testing? Because all of this would have shown itself in user experience testing if it were done. Maybe the failures were ignored? Who the HELL signed off on that to let it go to production?? 

Then you have the nerve to send an email today telling me about some “new hardware release” thats’ coming? Do you actually think ANYONE will be willing to spend MORE money on a crap system like this??

I will tell anyone and everyone to RUN from the thought of buying anything from you. The class action lawsuit can’t come fast enough.


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So horrendous! I used to use the app to “DJ” at home pulling songs from multiple apps (Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music) and place them in the same queue. That’s all gone. I can’t even delete tracks from a queue. Interface is terrible and difficult to navigate. You have to scroll back 5 screens to find where you started searching. You can no longer find “Album Info” on a song!

I will now read all the forums and find an alternative to this pathetic app or else I will sell all my speakers and start over. Sonos, you blew it and everyone in this new app development should already be unemployed!

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How do you add New library, or just edit the existing?!

The core functionality of local libraries (as with alarms) has NOT been removed from the underlying OS on the devices.  The app however appears to have been rushed and elements of the UI redesign are missing.  We have been told that these will return in a future update.  Currently the web app is the only way to adjust local library settings.

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I took the time to register on the forums just so I can add my complaint to everyone else’s.

This new update has rendered my system all but unusable. It looses speakers, I can not select a specific speaker, it always defaults back to the first one alphabetically, it is a mess to change volume, sleep timers are gone, etc. This is completely unacceptable, especially given the time the update has been out. Give a timeframe for solving this in the near future, maximum 2 weeks, or roll back the update.

And no, I do not want to scour the forums for workarounds for general and widespread problems. 

This is a masterclass in poor problem handling and potentially long term destructive for the company. The competition is stiff and a big reason to stay has been focus on the experience and stability of the system and app. I would hate to have to reevaluate those reasons. 

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Could you play music from a music library without internet on the app prior to May 7th’s update? I didn’t think the app worked without an internet connection, period

Of course you could, 100%.  Why on earth would you need an internet connection to play your own, offline music from your own library? An Internet connection was required for initial setup (and obviously to stream from online providers), no more.

Correct, you did need the internet with the prior intro of S2 and the firmware updates rolled out 4 yrs ago, but NOT for local functions/libraries/NAS music.  Mostly it was necessary for settings and streaming.  We lost internet all the time and the local Sonos whole-home-wireless-audio system played on and on. 

What Sonos refuses to address is this new S2 demand for full time internet access with the May 7th roll-out WILL result in app lagging issues if you have spotty internet or if Sonos isn’t providing a enough Server access/processing during peak use times (varies by country, time zone, etc.).   We’re not sure if they are leasing from AWS or ??  it depends on how much bandwidth they purchase but my friends have noticed a LOT of app lag, as the signal from their device makes its why through the web to Sonos’ servers and back.  Vol, page refresh, ++ are impacted. 

So Sonos, please address this in full detail and quit saying the new app is FASTER, SIMPLER, and BETTER. 


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My entire system is bricked. The app updated on my ios devices overnight. I went to play my morning routine and my entire system is GONE, All 10 speakers, just gone! like they never existed. Factory reset doesn’t work, resetting the app doesn’t work. Support lines are at 50+ minutes, and ZERO chat reps available. I swear this bunch of fools just sit in a corporate meeting room and engineer ways to piss their loyal consumers off just to see how much we will take. I’m done with this TRASH company and there antithetical ways… Time for a class action lawsuit maybe losing a few hundred million will fix their shoot first and not answer questions later business mantra.

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Ich habe die neue Version ungefragt aufgespielt bekommen.

Jetzt sind Sender und Playlisten weg.

Die Sender WDR 2 und SWR 3 finde ich nicht mehr und kann somit kein Radio mehr hören.

Was für ein riesen Scheiß.

Ich will die alte Version zurück.

Da habe ich nichts vermisst.



New update = no alarms, no sleep timer, no local libraries, no queue editing, no new playlists, no grouped volume control for individual speakers...shall I go on? This forced update ruined my entire 20+ speaker system except for my play bars which still work for sound on the TV, thankfully.  Roll us back, do your job and give us an app when it's actually functional. Never. Remove. Functionality. 

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I unfortunately don't have the time or patience for mega-corporations like Sonos, which are blatantly screwing over their customers with unprecedented incompetence, nor for shills like you who don't seem to mind living with lost functionality because they just trust that their 'savior' will eventually deliver the 'promised' goods. Stockholm syndrome much?


Shill?  I've repeatedly stated this app is crap.  It shouldn't have been released, and Sonos cared far more about investors than their customers.  I'm just not a fan of the apocalyptic hyperbole that results in an ever escalating level of idiocy in here (such as calling me a shill and comparing me to being a hostage and suffering Stockholme syndrome because we disagree over a stupid frigging app).

Stop backpedaling. You are continuously making snide remarks toward the very real experiences others are having when it comes to the sub-par performance of the app, and making them sound like they're in the wrong, and blowing everything out of proportion. You did the same here, underhandedly: “I rest my case on the escalating levels of hyperbole and melodrama.”


Sure… Sonos may eventually fix the issues at hand, but it doesn't discount the fact that they f*cked this rollout up royally for a good portion of their most loyal customers who had to create accounts out here to see what the h*ll is going on, and why all their equipment stopped working all of a sudden.


So if you have no constructive solutions to offer on how to get the app to magically start working again like it did before this update, then stop being a shill and blaming everyone else for “blowing everything out of proportion”, because apparently everything works great on your end, but not for anyone else.

I’ve been chatting with our local audio installer and a high-end audio retailer and both are beyond angry at what Sonos has done to their customer base.  It’s not just the few brave souls who find their way to these forums, it’s retailers, installers, who are also suffering customer complaints (one has dropped the entire Sonos product line).  This boneheaded move hits them in the pocket book too!  Not to mention long-term-loyal-repeat customers who have built their systems over the years. 

So to the handful of Sonos SuperFans left on here who keep downplaying the impact of one of the worse (and P.Spence has a number) decisions Sonos has ever made.  Keep in mind that it’s not only the hours of wasted time trying to get our MUSIC to play, it’s the feedback from friends, family, installers, retailers who ARE also actually suffering what should have NEVER happened.  Have a heart, stop reading these forums if they bother you, or offer up really good solutions instead of downplaying this impact while claiming it’s no big deal and will be solved soon!   

The tone-deft, arrogant, and ignorant corporate leaders of this now crappy company have a simple solution but they refuse to do it, probably out of spite, greed (bonus time) or a noose above their neck, but they won’t roll back even temporally to ease the impact of their poor decisions.  

Music is a personal journey and we have the right to get angry when a company ruins (temporary or permanently) our access to it. 

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Please, just let me downgrade, so I can like Sonos again.  The new app is simply embarrassingly bad.

Sort it out, re-release when ready, but don’t punish customers like me who were with you in the early days.

i’m rethinking Sonos in general, but have a rather large investment.

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I just need to vent. 

This new app is so disappointing. Way too complicated and buggy. I can’t figure out how to do the simple things that I used to love about Sonos such as listening to different audio in multiple zones. Simply adjusting the audio in different zones has become complex. It just doesn’t work for me.  I’ll gladly take the old app back if you can help me do that. 

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I miei complimenti, la nuova app è inutilizzabile: non funziona praticamente niente. Inoltre, si installa da sola senza nessuna autorizzazione (tranquilli, ho negato qualsiasi autorizzazione agli aggiornamenti automatici), per cui anche reinstallando una vecchia versione, devo ripetere l’operazione un paio di volte al giorno. Ma questa app è stata testata, anche una sola volta? O forse era necessario testarla qualche volta di più

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Man, this new app is absolutely terrible. Basically makes our Sonos ecosystem useless. We have to unplug devices to turn off our music? WTF Sonos? Sure, I will happily preorder your headphones - NOT! 

We were about to pull the trigger and buy a few Moves for our pool area, but putting that in pause at the moment. 


Has anyone figured out how to make the new app workable? Like, when you want it to play something it plays in the right devices and you can turn it off without unplugging the device? Asking for a friend…