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Let’s all email the CEO and make public announcements as well… Here you all go from the bottom of the support page. Remember Patrick, you asked for this, and I love this for you. Maybe it’s time you went and found a new job…

Get in touch with our CEO, Patrick Spence, at

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Learning From A Botched Upgrade

Here are four lessons to help providers avoid such a fate:


  1. Don’t rush the deployment of a software upgrade. Conduct rigorous testing and elicit feedback from a large diversity of stakeholders.
  2. Quickly acknowledge issues to the marketplace. Letting the community fester in the silence of the provider ensures that the situation will deteriorate.
  3. Provide the choice to return to the previous version of the software. There are times when a one-way option is the only option, but more often than not, a way to return to the original is good business. This option can be temporary as issues with the upgrade are resolved. Eventually older versions can be phased out.
  4. Never deliver an upgrade that is missing essential functions with the promise they may return in the future. While it’s okay to add new features in the future, it’s never okay to eliminate existing features people rely on and may have been the basis for their purchase in the first place.
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I’ve had a few days to get used to the app before providing feedback, and I’m sorry to say, that it’s not good.

I’m sure that a lot of these have been covered already, but here are the issues affecting my usage of the app:

  1. I use Deezer and the context menus for tracks, albums and playlists have disappeared so I can’t add tracks playlists, view the album (without resorting to search) and a bunch of other stuff that used to be there.
  2. I can’t edit or add to the music queue, only replace it.
  3. Scroll bar has disappeared meaning that when I scroll through my music library on my server, I manually have to scroll through hundreds of albums just to get to albums starting with the letter G. I’ve not got further than that yet.
  4. Album art is no longer displayed for any music on my server library
  5. The file type (mp3, flac etc) is no longer displayed on any music, including my server library tracks.
  6. When browsing my server library, the lack of a home button means I have to press the phone’s back button numerous times to get back to home / search.
  7. The volume buttons on my android phone only work when I have the app open. Previously they worked when the app was playing in the background, or when the phone was locked.
  8. Speakers are generally dropping more than they used to. I also have an iPhone and the old version of the app installed there. The speakers are present and correct without dropping on the iPhone old version, at the same time they are dropping from the new app on the Android phone.
  9. App generally seems buggy, with “An error has occurred” type message often popping up.
  10. The new version is definitely slower than the old version with pages taking a little longer to load. S2 was similar at release.
  11. Personally I preferred the old layout with the menu bar at the bottom, but I get that UI is always subjective.
  12. Music Library is now a Source rather than a Service meaning I can’t add folders to the Home screen as a short cut. I had these saved to home previously.
  13. Last.FM has disappeared as a service, but my system is scrobbling.
  14. Showing the bit rate would be nice

I don’t use the alarms or accessibility features, but if I did, taking these away would have infuriated me. 

In my day job, I’m an Application Product Manager, and from a professional perspective, I just don’t understand the decisions that Sonos have taken here.

What was the MVP? And why was it seemingly deemed to be ok to be so lacking and Minimal? Did it pass QA? Could it not have waited for further functions to be ready? Nobody was crying out for a new app, right?

The most important person in any equation is the user. Ergo, you need to understand your users. Without them, you have nothing. To take away features which users previously relied on is just nuts. If I did the same, I’d be out of a job.

So it makes me wonder why this was done? Is it an admission that Sonos got it wrong with the previous version of the S2 app? Is it a new product coming online which necessitates a new app? Is it arrogance?  

If you read this, thanks for reading. 


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This update is so bad it should lead to resignations from high ups.


100s of millions of pounds/dollars worth of hardware out there and it's effectively not remotely fit for purpose.


You can't even set an alarm and the social media team are saying "don't worry it will be coming soon" when it's been available for years

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Can anybody honestly say they would tell anybody to get a Sonos product in the future?


I'd honestly feel guilty selling my system now as it simply doesn't work.

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I have been reading this thread yet again to see if anyone from SONOS has responded.  No responses from anyone at SONOS.


I sent an email to CEO as was suggested on this thread and have received no response.


It is apparent that SONOS does not care that they have rolled out a huge mistake.  I read a response from a support member that this was to be a seamless update to revitalize the SONOS app.  It revitalized alright- it is defunct.


Thanks to Salami Slices I did get my library to appear but only briefly.  It is not working now.  I can play none of the 4,000+ songs in my library.  I have been streaming and all I hear are the same songs over and over.


A loyal but very frustrated SONOS customer.  SONOS is going to lose its customer base if they can’t correct this and very soon.


Did anyone receive responses from CEO or anyone at SONOS on this farce?



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I hate this app so much it makes me want to sell my entire system.  What was wrong with the old app?  It worked great.  Should have stuck to the adage ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.


I have never complained about an app before but this one is so bad.  I had to say something.

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So horrendous! I used to use the app to “DJ” at home pulling songs from multiple apps (Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music) and place them in the same queue. That’s all gone. I can’t even delete tracks from a queue. Interface is terrible and difficult to navigate. You have to scroll back 5 screens to find where you started searching. You can no longer find “Album Info” on a song!

I will now read all the forums and find an alternative to this pathetic app or else I will sell all my speakers and start over. Sonos, you blew it and everyone in this new app development should already be unemployed!

The queue management features you mention are apparently coming to the App in mid-June according to this link:

Just a case that we all have to wait a while. I’m ‘missing’ those features too.👍

Ken - I’m 72 years old. Up to several weeks ago my 8000+ quid’s worth of SONOS products were working fine - now they are a load of junk sitting in the corners of my rooms or looking at me from my walls. I don’t want to waste two (or more) months  waiting for a bunch of seemingly incompetent money grabbers to put right what they shouldn’t have or needed to change - it’s time I’ll never get back!!!!!

Hope you have something to keep you busy while you wait for the next fiasco.


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Anyhow I’m personally more than happy to wait patiently. I’d rather it be right - the things now missing in any event are not now causing me an issue, but I guess some may still complain about the delay.

Glad you're happy to wait. I find it appalling having to wait on restoring functionality that shouldn't have been removed in the first place and that I was used to on a daily basis. It's gone for several weeks now and its restoration has been postponed for some more weeks. It's a disgrace, for lack of other words.

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The whole update is an insult to the many thousands of users/consumers who probably the same as me have spent thousands building a system that is now a shambles. Can we have a response from developers, managers etc beyond the mundane fixes coming soon because you should be ashamed of yourselves releasing an incomplete not fit for purpose app.


We did have an update.  Sonos chief product officer Maxime Bouvat-Merlin said “It takes courage to rebuild a brand’s core product from the ground up, and to do so knowing it may require taking a few steps back to ultimately leap into the future.”  Basically, it takes courage to release buggy software and screw your loyal customers.

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I have spent hundreds of pounds to have Sonos speakers all around the house, purely to play music from the large library on my Windows Desktop (all ripped from CD’s that I bought).  This has disappeared completely from the Sonos App, making my investment a complete waste.  Any lawyers out there? Surely the basis for a massive Class Action suit! 

I was such a fan of Sonos, it worked beautifully (ok, a few glitches) & I used to recommend to everyone. 

Why on earth would they do this?

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Instead of complaining I am look at new systems.  What does everyone think about Sony and Apple they both have multi room WiFi speakers that just work?  Does anyone have other suggestions?  Not SONOS lol.

Yes, but many of us are already thousands of dollars into this company for these products and platforms! And now it doesn't work as expected..…total bullshit!

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it’s this simple :

  • I don’t want a cloud based system
  • I don’t want my local speakers going out to the external WAN on each operation
  • I want to be able to use a different WiFi channel for the sonos system (via boost)
  • I don’t want a subscription service
  • I want to play my music with my speakers
  • I want a simple controller not a changing system
  • I want what I purchased not what I am being forced into
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The new app is a complete and total disaster. It is clear that they did not test it on Sonos users, or there would've been an uproar from the test users. If Sonos does not want a complete PR And revenue disaster, they should immediately make the old app available while they work out the bugs on the new app. This is a very simple solution.

I have recommended Sonos to the numerable people. If they ask me now, I would tell them absolutely not an under no circumstances should you get the system?

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Regarding the new Sonos app you state:

“For its initial rollout, we focused on how we could answer some of the most common requests from our customers, including increased reliability, performance, and faster access to music.”

I can only say that you have **massively failed**! Until the release of the new iOS app I have been a happy Sonos user for 10 years with Sonos equipment in 4 rooms of my home. The most annoying problems with the new app is

  • The app frequently fails to connect to my system issuing a message like “something went wrong”. 
  • The connection with the Sonos speakers is so slow that it is very difficult to change the volume: Lower the volume in the app and nothing happens. And nothing happens. And nothing happens. Then something happens but probably not what you expected since the volume was lowered 3 times instead of once due to the lag in speaker response.
  • Several clicks is necessary in order to start a stream, this is not “faster access to music”.

To be honest, if the Sonos App had been like the current one when I bought my first Sonos speaker I would never had invested in more of your brand and instead put my first units in the trash bin.

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I have a 12 component Sonos system that we’ve grown over many years now.  I am beyond dissapointed with the new App and more importantly that Sonos is refusing to let us rollback to a working app that is readily available. This is an astonishingly cavalier, arrogant move.  However, I don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater or cut my nose off to spite my face...just yet.  Sonos users need solutions and a path forward.  I do not believe or trust that Sonos will provide that - they could easily, but they refuse to.  Headphones are NOT the answer. So, then what?  

I’m thinking:

  • SonoPhone / SonopPad app for iOs users who cannot rollback.  I’ve done this and recommend it before otherwise pulling your hair out.  Android users just Rollback.
  • complete dump and replace (Bluesound or Wiim or Heos or ???) - some may, but for me that would be expensive and risky - could be the devil I know vs the devil I don’t. But it could be a migration path.
  • Roon - a hybrid approach that can integrate Sonos components with other brands of speakers and audio components allowing for a gradual unwinding of Sonos ownership.  Looks attractive, but expensive and requires a server.
  • LMS - similar maybe to Roon, but apparently free.
  • Plex - only read about it, have no idea if that’s viable.
  • Wait it out and suck it.  The Sonos recommended path. Right. F them.

We, before Sonos, used a product from Turtle Beach - AudioTron AT-100 - that looked about the size of a Blu-ray player.  It was able to stream all our NAS tunes and we could finally rip and box up our CDs. They discontinued it and eventually support stopped.  However, there were 3rd party solutions and scripts that would allow for updating the library, so we milked that thing for years in a very non-user friendly way, but there was not much else.  Whole house audio was done old school, but everyone had to listen to the same thing. But we made it work until the hardware finally gave up.  Enter Sonos.  What a game changer.  Finally, my wife could play music without busting out the CDs. 😊

I feel like this is potentially the stage we’re entering now.  Not that Sonos is being discontinued, although I think they are heading down an odd dubious path.  I’d be more than happy to see them collapse and get bought out.  Time will tell as they seem to be scrambling right now or else why pull off such a bone-headed maneuver to hawk headphones that I surely won’t be buying.  They must think this will be some needed fast cash. Ironic that a completely deaf company is releasing headphones.

However, there are the 3rd party solutions that might relegate Sonos hardware to essentially what the AudioTron AT-100 became - nothing but hardware I own and one day, like AudioTron, just a memory of how we did things in the early 2000s.  That’s my goal.  As the Sonos hardware dies, migrate away from Sonos as cost effectively as possible.  They’ve already screwed me, but I want to react in a way where I don’t screw myself as well - anymore than I already have by buying into their last cash grab with S2.

With my iPad on S2, my Desktop PC app still working, and SonoPhone on my phone, I’m not desperate, just a bit flustered and realizing that Sonos is not who I want to be involved with anymore...any more than I have to during the unwinding.

So, please add any potential short- or long-term solutions and alternatives for robust music library playback and streaming solutions similar to what Sonos used to be interested in providing.

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After 3 weeks of disaster, Still no official apology from Sonos...

Is this a nice way to treat loyal customers?

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Here is a copy of the email I just sent Patrick, feel free to re-use…


Dear Mr. Spence,


I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to you not only as a long-time customer of Sonos but also as someone who has greatly admired the innovation and quality your company has consistently delivered. It is with a heavy heart and considerable frustration that I find myself compelled to communicate a significant issue that has not only undermined my confidence in Sonos but has also deprived me of the enjoyment and value your products have brought into my home.


This week, following the release and mandatory installation of the latest Sonos app update, my entire system of ten speakers, which until the moment of update worked flawlessly, has been rendered completely inoperative. The system, which represents a substantial investment in your brand, is now bricked, leaving me without the high-quality sound experience I have come to associate with Sonos.


Understanding that technology is inherently prone to occasional issues, it is the scale and impact of this problem, coupled with the lack of immediate remediation or communication from Sonos, that prompts my direct appeal to you. The situation as it stands not only disrupts the daily enjoyment and utility I derive from your products but also raises serious concerns about the longevity, reliability, and customer support philosophy of Sonos.


I am reaching out to you directly, Mr. Spence, to request your personal intervention in this matter. Specifically, I seek:


1. Immediate and transparent communication regarding the nature of the issue, its scope, and the steps Sonos is taking to rectify this for affected customers.

2. A clear timeline for when a fix can be expected, along with interim solutions for those of us severely impacted by this update.

3. Consideration of compensation for the disruption caused, which could take forms such as an extension of warranty, credit towards future purchases, or direct support to ensure our systems are restored to their full functionality.


I understand the challenges of managing a global tech company and the complexities involved in product development and support. However, I firmly believe that the mark of a truly customer-centric organization lies in its responsiveness and accountability in times of adversity. I trust Sonos values its customers’ loyalty and satisfaction above all and will take swift action to address this issue.


Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to your prompt response and resolution.



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Dear SONOS, 


Something went wrong. Try again. 

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Became the worst app on my phone over night.

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At a certain point, there needs to be a class action lawsuit. You've sold people thousands of dollars in equipment then released software that renders it largely unusable. 

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I’ve had Sonos for ages. This new app is slow, delayed in responding, and generally terrible. I’d like to have the old app back. Just to adjust the volume is a pain in the ass and it doesn’t turn off immediately when you press stop, there is a major delay. It really needs some work. 

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I want to add my voice to the chorus of dissatisfied users regarding the recent app update. As a long-time, loyal Sonos customer, I feel compelled to express my extreme disappointment with the changes.

Key Issues:

    •    User Experience (UX): The new interface is confusing and difficult to navigate. My mother, who is not tech-savvy, finds it impossible to use, which underscores how user-unfriendly it has become.
    •    Functionality: Several features that were essential to my daily use are now either missing or harder to access.
    •    Performance: The app is slower and more prone to crashes than the previous version.

I understand the need for innovation and am usually supportive of companies pushing boundaries. However, this update feels like a significant step backward. The app, in its current form, is subpar and detracts from the otherwise excellent Sonos experience.

Please acknowledge this misstep, consider rolling back to the previous version, and start the redesign process with user feedback at the forefront. This would restore the functionality and ease of use we all appreciate.

I have also left a one-star rating on the App Store to reflect my dissatisfaction.

As a devoted Sonos user with an entire house running on your system, this update has severely impacted my experience. I even recommended Sonos to my family, but now, I regret this decision due to the app’s poor performance.

Sonos, please listen to your loyal customers and rectify this situation promptly. We trust you to deliver the exceptional quality we have come to expect.

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The absolute cheek of Sonos to try and advertise a new product to me on email while their existing products and app is broken. 

Something new for todays fun and games, investigating via the Mac Controller why my Music Library has disappeared (it was showing directly after the app updated for 48 hours then disappeared), it turns out that somewhere Sonos has totally stripped all settings for my Music Library. Re-added Library via the Mac controller which is on S2 (they keep prompting me to update - not happening), and the Music Library is back, albeit still missing some features. 

It feels like Sonos are hugely unaware of the upset and frustration they are causing to their loyal customer base. 

Would be great for a Sonos representative to actually make a statement with a solid timeline for a fix or even comment on these forums. It’s feels like we are all just shouting into the void right now. 

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Sonos can say whatever they want about their decision but thousands of comments should signal to them there’s an issue. Never have we disliked this company till now. And if they think this app is great then I hope a reduction in sales happens because of it. Trying too hard to rebaseline something that didn’t need it and screw up controls in favor of pushing services. Garbage.