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The whole update is an insult to the many thousands of users/consumers who probably the same as me have spent thousands building a system that is now a shambles. Can we have a response from developers, managers etc beyond the mundane fixes coming soon because you should be ashamed of yourselves releasing an incomplete not fit for purpose app.


Amen - well said Gradun! 👏

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The new app sucks and it’s even worse, the music library is gone 😤. Wish I did not update….



If you keep swiping up in the app you can see the library ‘source’ at the bottom and the edit home option. You can bring the library source up to the top of the app using the edit home option however you can't use search on your library. That's a pretty dumb move.

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I did the update yesterday and now cannot access my music sources. 

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this controller is frustrating.

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I saw a couple of ‘influencers’ talking about the app updates on Youtube saying how great everything is - then you read the barrage of comments from actual users underneath - and it gets dark very quickly. What a mess!

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Why on earth should we have to open our computers to control something the whole point of which is to be able to control from your smartphone AS ADVERTISED? Epic fail, Sonos, and deliberate fraudulent advertising, imho. I want my money back.

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The new app sucks and it’s even worse, the music library is gone 😤. Wish I did not update….

I strongly agree with Martin - the worst thing is that I can’t use my own music library in that way like I did before. 
f**k ! 🤬…

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May 8 and still no android update available for me here in Europe.  Thank goodness.

The new Web app is also a pile of rubbish. 

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In a day and age where software is constantly improving and becoming more user-friendly with new and improved features, Sonos has taken many steps backwards. I have over 15 Sonos speakers in my entire house and I’m on the verge of selling them all and moving to a different platform. The software is missing all the features that we all know and is extremely user unfriendly. The coding department really **** the bed on this one. Hopefully they find some better programmers that can relate to normal people and quickly rectify the issues before everyone jumps ship.


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The new App appears not to have been thought through! Where is the timer and search for products not showing in the App. Awful. 

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I have been back and forth as to whether or not to keep my Sonos products (five devices), or switch to Apple Home Pods.  The updated app from Sonos has helped me decide to go all in for Apple.

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I have been an avid Sonos user for years. The company I work for is a major supporter. Today I updated to the latest update. I have found it almost unusable, and could NOT be more disappointed. Sonos needs to work through this user experience in order to keep satisfied customers.
I will recommend, company wide, NOT to update.


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Oh, and every song in my library comes up as "no title" when it's playing, has no options to skip to the next track & double tapping the play/pause button on my play one pauses/unpauses the track instead of skipping to the next track. It also just plays one song and does not advance to the next track. A dreadful app is one thing but you've also broken the features of the system

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Right, so after the toe-curling lack of contrition or understanding shown by the Sonos team on the AMA last night, my view of the current situation is: -

  • The new controller app requires internet access so that our own equipment can be managed via a Sonos cloud solution.
  • No warning or even hint was given in the run up to the release of the app that this would be the case.
  • The release of the new version was done as a direct "upgrade" to the S2 app in the full knowledge that there would be no way back for iOS users and a manual roll back for Android devices.
  • The Sonos execs, DEV and product teams knew full well that despite previous promises that existing functionality would be retained and "enhanced" in the new version, this was simply not the case.
  • On the morning of the release, they pulled even more basic existing functionality yet still pushed a clearly ill thought out and immature app out to the Apple and Google app stores.
  • Despite the clamour from the community on this forum, Sonos have resolutely refused to allow users that are wary of the direction of travel towards a cloud based app to remain on the S2 version for the time being.

This all displays an astonishing level of hubris, arrogance and downright contempt for their existing user base, many of whom have spent thousands of $/£ on their products.

Ignoring the functionality that has gone MIA for the time being, my main concern with the current state of affairs is that our own equipment is now directly manageable via without any sort of multifactor authentication with no apparent opt out for this foolish "enhancement".  No details of the cloud service architecture and security have been provided.

Imagine this as a scenario: -

  • Many Sonos users will have set up their systems over the last few years using their standard email address and a recycled password used on every other platform and service they use.  My password is long, complex and unique to my Sonos account but this will not be the case for many other users.
  • If customers' Sonos kit can be accessed via the new web application portal, how long will it be before nefarious actors start to probe the new cloud service?
  • Without multi-factor web authentication, re-used email address and password combinations will make remote access to Sonos equipment a doddle.
  • As Sonos have recently shown, they are not the smartest of software developers so who knows what sort of security vulnerabilities are lurking in the public facing web services.
  • Any number of holes in security could allow miscreants to transfer unwanted spy/malware down to our equipment that has previously been relatively isolated on our own home/office networks.

Come on Sonos, not only is this unacceptable, it places us all at risk and you, as a company, in great peril from the pasting that you would get in the courts and from the EU/US regulators.

You really do need to give your customers a breather and allow them to remain on the S2 app and associated firmware for now until the roadmap and the new controller software moves beyond a ropey alpha version.

Please put the S2 app back in the stores and allow users to only receive S2 firmware updates for Sonos devices and speakers for the time being - something along the lines of what happened with the S1/S2 debacle a few years ago.

You desperately need to regain some trust from your customers and this would, at least be a start towards this.  You also need to start publishing a much more detailed change log for software and device firmware updates with open descriptions of exactly what changes are included rather than the usual general bug fixes/feature enhancement meaningless blandishments.

Please get a grip before this whole episode puts a serious and permanent dent in your future.  If this whole artificially rushed app release is inextricably wrapped around the pending launch of your headphone product line, do you really imaging that anyone is going to be buying them until you have regained the trust of your customers?

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If you want to prevent the app update from loading on your devices:

Turn off automatic updates




(Scroll a bit further to next section titled "Stop Automatic Updates for Specific Apps")

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It feels like its time to be pragmatic on this issue and look to the future.

This is not a decision that I am taking lightly.

The reality is that Sonos have won, they are not going to bring back the old app because they don’t care about me.

So from my perspective I will approach the future by:

  • Suffering in silence while the New App gets fixed
  • Enjoying my Sonos products as long as they continue to work and meet my needs
  • Not spending another £ on Sonos for the upgrades I was considering i.e replacing my Play:!s, Play:3 and possibly the Play:5 - they all work just fine and I can live with them even if I do like the Era 100s and Era 300s
  • Not spending anything with Sonos, if something breaks I’ll look on eBay and I’m pretty sure following this farce I’ll find what I need
  • Finally, when my system stops working I’ll use all of the money I have saved by not getting the latest Sonos speakers to replace my entire system with something else because right now every Sonos competitor is preparing to fight to fill the void that is emerging

Over the next 3-5 years I expect to see Sonos fall behind because their loyal customers will all have a similar plan to mine so the repeat revenue will dry up and they will be totally dependent on new customers. And of course the reviews that this fiasco is generating will make it harder for Sonos to win those new customers.

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The amazing thing is the complete silence from Sonos, they have completely abused customers who have invested a lot of money in their products.

I cannot understand their behaviour.

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The whole update is an insult to the many thousands of users/consumers who probably the same as me have spent thousands building a system that is now a shambles. Can we have a response from developers, managers etc beyond the mundane fixes coming soon because you should be ashamed of yourselves releasing an incomplete not fit for purpose app.


Releasing the new app NOW, with no ability to roll back to a previous version, has to be amongst the Top 10 bad decisions by a tech company.  The current app can hardly be called even a Beta version with all the missing features.  Agree with the above, it is really an INSULT and Sonos should be ASHAMED.   This thing should have been held back for further development, what was the rush??  I didn’t really like the S2 app but this new thing is a complete joke.

I’ve spent thousands with Sonos building around their eco system, thinking they really cared about their customers.  The laugh is on me.

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The new app is ridiculous and unfinished. Serious disservice to thousands of users to not include elements that are loved and used a lot by various people. Did Sonos actually bother to ask the community what they wanted to see in the app before they redesigned it or did they just do it without bothering to ask for opinions? If the latter, shows a blatant disregard for customer experience and ease of use. The number of users they have, whether with one unit or a complete system, we are the ones they should be speaking to when designing apps which have to be easy & quick to navigate. Did they even do any beta testing with actual users before releasing it?


only have one Sonos unit and rely on it for alarms. The new app doesn't have the alarms function...epic fail! How do I control my alarms now? Set up new ones/delete ones I don't need, switch them on/off? If it's on the web app, I shouldn't have to turn on my computer every time I want to do something with my alarms.


Android widget has disappeared too...just annoying, had it on my home screen to control volume and switch on/off from anywhere in the house now I have to open the whole app to do that.


Oh, and on the home screen, loads of stuff listed that apparently 'is no longer available' so I dutifully edited my home screen to remove them. All good I thought...nope, absolutely not. I was searching around for alarms, tried using the chat bot (useless by the way), went back to home screen to find everything I'd removed from it had reappeared. I shouldn't have to keep removing it every time I go back to home screen after doing something else, should only have to do it once. If you delete something you expect it to stay deleted. Just like you have a good feature and expect it to stay on the new versions of an app (like aforementioned alarm function).


​​​​​​Please go back to the old app. It was much easier to use and navigation was simple. This could be a great update but it's been released to market far too early.

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I have both a Play 5 and Port on my system, but I keep finding in the new app that the Line-in option has vanished from “Your Sources”. Has anyone found a way to get it back without force-quitting the app and restarting? Even that only works 1 in 3 times.

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I’m writing this in the hope that someone at Sonos is collecting our feedback.


Please remember:  feedback from your customers is a gift.  We’re already invested in your product.  To the point where we’ve given you some of our time and effort to tell you what we think.  Please don’t disregard it.


I’ve been a Sonos customer since the ZP80 days.  I now have 17 players.  Sonos plays the alarm I wake up to in the morning, the radio stations in the background during the day and the music that I listen to every evening.  And the soothing rainforest sounds I go to sleep to most nights.


Since the latest app release I’ve had to devote time and effort to getting round your software update processes to just hang on to the functionality I’ve come to rely on.  I’ve now got multiple, out of date versions of the controllers running and notifications that my system firmware needs an update that I dare not click on.  I don’t want to update until I have a controller that is *at least* as stable and functional as the previous version.  From what I can tell that’s going to be sometime in July?


Every company makes mistakes.  The good ones use a mistake as an opportunity to demonstrate integrity, ingenuity and honesty.  The bad ones deny it’s a mistake, gaslight the people afffected and turn something that could have been a short, annoying episode into something much worse.  Please don’t be the latter (although “no app is ever finished” is one of the best examples of attempted corporate gaslighting I’ve seen in a while!).


Sonos has experience at recovering from over-enthusiastic decisions:

 - the “Recycling programme” that initially destroyed functional hardware, later rolled back

 - the ending of support for S1 products, later rolled back


Please make this the latest example of how well you can recover from some over-enthusiasm and give your loyal users a supported, legitimate upgrade path that doesn’t require us to sacrifice stability or functionality.

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Loyal Sonos advocate for 16 years here and I am jumping ship.

App is still not functional.
Newer speaker designs (Sonos Era 300) look like crap. Sonos Amp has to be one of the worst sounding digital amplifiers I have ever heard, and Port sounds noticeably worse than the previous model (Connect) that it replaced. 

Sonos you once were the pinnacle of usability and design in this space, and you have lost your way.  Your products now look, sound, and function worse than ever before.  


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I agree with all of the above, so used the link from the support page to email the CEO at If it’s genuine (which I’m not convinced of) and enough of us complain, maybe he’ll do something. I’m not holding my breath….

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Sonos, I paid a ton of money to put speakers in every room. It’s been great. I didn’t pay all that money to get messed with. I didn’t pay all that money to be a beta tester.

This was fun and all, but time to swallow your pride and give us the option to use the older version. I’m on an iPhone, so I can’t go download it like you can on Android.

When I blindly pressed the update button, I said to myself: “Surely Sonos wouldn’t lead me astray, surely this update is great.” Boy, was I wrong, and boy did you permanently lose my trust. Was it worth it?

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It is clear that Sonos never flooded the app to actual users to test it and get feedback. They want the feedback now? This is already a huge PR and upcoming revenue disaster for Sonos. There is a real simple solution. Allow people to go back to the old While they go to the drawing board and actually test, any update with real users of the products. There are any number of people who got Sonos on my recommendation. I guess I need to apologize to all of them very soon. As to the person who suggested a boycott, and to the person who suggested that that was rash, I would say putting out and pushing an update that has never been tested by actual users is rash. It doesn't take three minutes of trying to use the app to realize how awful it is. This was a play to get people to use Sonos music and searches instead of Spotify.