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I’m trying to find a path so Sonos can find my music library (iTunes). If I press My music folder it loads all my deleted music and duplicates that I’ve got rid of. When I go to iTunes and press file location and copy that into Sonos, it doesn’t work. Can anybody help me match the number of songs in iTunes to my Sonos system?

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Hi @jasonbullrich, and welcome to the Sonos Community!

If Sonos is still picking up the duplicate songs, it sounds like you may have hidden them in iTunes rather than deleting the files themselves.

You can find here some guidance on showing the duplicate songs in iTunes, and some information on deleting files from iTunes - note that there are two options here, one which will just remove the file from iTunes, and another which will delete the file from your computer completely.

Hope this helps :)

Thanks Xander. What I have found is that even though I don’t include Windows C: in my path it automatically includes it. Not sure how to exclude it?

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Understood @jasonbullrich - you would need to set the music folder up as a network share if you wanted to exclude the drive path.

With the music stored directly on the computer however, there’s very rarely a reason to do so - in both cases the computer would need to be powered on for Sonos to access the music, and there would be no difference in the music picked up by Sonos, as ultimately both paths would lead to the same destination folder.